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What would happen if a person give up on loveing anyone

| They can still love things that dont involves another person

| This is my situation, wonder what would happern to me in the future

| I think /u/ is back to its normal standard of low post quality
s(^ u *)-b

you're gonna be ok OP. everyone needs a break from the hard stuff in life every once in a while.

| So emo. You obviously still love social interaction or you wont bother posting on here

| You put in all that energy spent loving someone into other things. Work, yourself, hobbies, etc. and either you enjoy it since what you're doing should be fulfilling or you feel miserable because you actually want to love someone. There are middle grounds of course but it takes time to find the right balance for yourself. Anyway, best of luck, g/u/rl!

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This thread is permanently archived