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Insult me

| Go on, do it

| Dummy

| Baka

| Transvestite

| You! You.. you bad...

| communist

| We don't need to. That happens to you enough

| >>854994 you dirty dirty SLUT

| Your boobs are small and your penis is languid.

| We don't want you at the party, but we'd love to have you on group projects

| >>854994
Nah, you aren't even worth insulting.

| This is the worst kind of thread.

| >>854994 you're CUTE and you make me want to HOLD YOU TIGHT. idiot.

| >>855247 what a chad

| >>855253 don't make me hug you too.

| >>855243 Why do you think?
I quite enjoy the variation in the insults

| Bro fuck you, I've got no reasons to insult you.

| You're such a great talented caring person op. People love you and you matter. Don't kill yourself

| Your mom is a well respected member of your community

| You deserve more than what this world wants to give you OP. You matter.

| anyway thanks for the insults g/u/rls, can't say this wasn't predictable but it was worth it ^-^

| >>855518 go fuck yourself

| >spits

| >>854994

| >>855518 you're welcome

| >>855540 are you high?

| >>855518 I'd rather be cute than unpredictable

| >>6cb800 going at it, and I thought the thread died

>>92274e go on cutie

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This thread is permanently archived