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In regards to 50k-fag - it is a maid who shits into her own nest.

| Spread awarenesses.

| wait. is orange maid making 50K threads so we need to depend on her to keep the board clean?

... that's REALLY cute

| The jig is up. Pull down ur pants

| Sex

| You will now get doxxed and raided

| nein

| Orange maid says nein
Sounds like 9
9 is a number
50 is also a number
Orange maid is 50k confirmed

| Orange Maid and 50k are two sides of the same coin. Poetic really

| im laughingn with tears at these chuunis

| >>854919 the game is up.

| its like green goblin thing all over again

| >>855574 don't understamd

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This thread is permanently archived