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Song-chan could use some help

| I'm sure you g/u/rls remember Song-chan, Allanah. The one who made that album based on words y'all gave her and does amazing commission work.
She got hospitalised not that long ago, and it's pretty bad. Medical bills are insanely high rn, and, well, she could use any help she can get.
She's a close friend of mine, and, yeah. It would be very much appreciated if y'all could throw some money her way if you have any to spare. Thank you.


| Idk if this is allowed on here or not. If not, I guess the maids can take it down. But, just, any amount would help.
So, if you have any money you don't need or would be willing to part with, then please consider it.

| oh damn,,, I'll definitely be donating

Do u know what the thread is she put her music in? I wanna check it out

| >>828548
Thank you! That means so, so much.

I can do you one better:
This is her Bandcamp. That's where she posted the whole album + two singles that came from it. She's got some other originals on there as well. Really, really good stuff.

| She made me really happy with Mr.Orange so donating is the least I could do. Here's to hoping she'll be okay.

| >>828773

Thank you so much!
And, yeah! I'm sure she'll be okay. I hope she'll be okay. As long as we can raise enough to cover the bills and stuff, it'll hopefully be all goodie.

| And just to do a little update for you g/u/rls, the goal that was set on the site was reached, but it was a low estimate.
Sadly, the bills as it turns out are closer to $3000, as opposed to the previous $2000 guess that was made. Hospital's been kinda shitty with providing info :/
So she's still taking donations, and any amount any of you might have to spare would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all so, so much for being so supportive of our musical queen!
I truly do mean that.

| <3

| >>828815
Money is kinda tight at the moment but if possible I can donate again after payday. It's at the end of the month.

| >>828869
Don't stress it! If you can't you can't. If you do have the option after payday, that would be super sweet of you. But don't feel pressured to, okay? If you can't you can't.

| >>828881
It's not like I'm at risk of starving or have depts or anything like that. I live in a highly socialised country where you can't get indepted because of unforseen circumstances like medical bills etc. I have enough to live a comfortable life with a roof over my head and a full belly every day. I can spare $30-$50 a month until all her bills are paid.

| >>828888
In that case, thank you. That would be extremely kind of you <3

| Damn, I listened to some of her songs..
I hope she gets better and I wish you the best luck to find the enough money to pay the medical bills!

| >>828982
I really hope so too.
Thank you! We're doing our best!

| Quick shout out to >>09a624
I appreciate the work. Keeping the thread up there is super sweet of you <3

| How is songchan doing

| >>829988
Still in the hospital sadly. Or, well, she got released but had to be rushed back to the emergency room. Her fever wouldn't go down, and, yeah. It's rough.
It's really hard to know what the full situation is before the biopsy results are ready.
But, at least she's getting as much help as is possible with the little information they currently have.
We just gotta hope for the best. I'll update you all when the results are in.

Please give her the bestest of wishes.

| Results are in. It's Leukemia.

| I don't know what else to say. It's AML. They're doing the best they can. She still needs as much help as she can get. I really, really hope she'll recover well.

| Damn... that's harsh.
I truly wish she can recover and hopefully be healthy again.

| I'm sorry. I will give what I can with monthly donations until her treatment is fully paid off.

| >>830068
Me too.

Thank you. It means the world.

| We're getting close to the goal!

| >>830472
Yes! We are!
It warms my heart to see so much support for her. Idk if the goal that's currently there will be the final goal considering the fact that we still don't fulky know how much treatment will be needed, but seeing the first goal be reached in such a short amount of time and now being so close to the second one is amazing.
I'm endlessly grateful to you g/u/rls. You're incredible.

| Verification?

| >>830527
F cancer fr

Click the link. Read. Keep up with social medias. Don't be paranoid.
Mae, Allanah and I all have our names and everything public. If that's not enough for you I can't help you.

| >>830535
Oh, the link didn't work for me, but I'm convinced it's just on my end.

... fucking hell

| How is she

| >>831243
She got moved to another hospital that could provide chemo faster, so it seems she'll be getting it as early as tomorrow.
So, wish her luck!

| >>831263 Good luck song-chan!!

| Hello! Song-chan here. I just wanted to thank you all for keeping this thread alive and bumping this to keep it relevant!! I have my 1st round of chemo today. Thank you so much for the donations! There is a new go-fund me in place where it's centered around my cancer expenses but i want to thank all of you who already gave so much. I feel like i owe /u/ So much. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart!

| >>832211
Good luck today <3

| >>832211 You're always welc

| >>832252 -ome Song-chan!! We wish you the very best on your battle!

| >>832236 >>832253 thank you, thank you!!!
Chemo went well today!! I don't experience any bad side effects! Hopefully it goes like this throughout the week. :)

If you have any questions, you're free to ask me anything!!

| >>832256 I'm glad! :D
Do you know how much time of treatment you will need? I wish it's not not that long oof

| >>832277 i need to do 6 more days of chemo!
But i need to stay in the hospital for 2 more weeks for blood transfusion. They said i need to be here for a month. Hopefully the cancer goes in remission by then.

| >>832325 Oh ok I understand! Giving you my best wishes for these trying times song-chan! I hope you can get some entertainment while in the hospital!

| >>832325 I wish you the best of the best!

| God, I'm glad you're getting treated!!! I hope everything goes smooth, you're gonna kick cancers ass or I'll eat A single plum, floating in perfume, served in a man's hat

| >>832336 thank you!!! I'm thinking of doing another song thread while i'm here! I've just been busy trying to get donors, and blood donors in preparation for next week. Bills are piling up and i want to help as much as i can. It's been my 2nd round and i haven't experienced any crazy side effects! I think it's because of all your best wishes :)

| >>832348 if you're wishing it, it's bound to happen for sure!

>>832383 i am both confused and encouraged! Please dont eat a plum doused in perfume in a hat! Eat healthier! Don't be like me lol

| Update! I needed transfusion in the 3rd day of chemo. My blood counts are dropping. It's a tough day today, gamers.

| >>832671 oof. That's a lot of blood needed. Remember to donate blood as well g/u/rls!!
Blood is really needed these times.
Sad bump

| >>832688 i know. They didnt expect that id already need transfusion mid-chemo.

Update! It's my 4th round of chemo and i feel slightly better than yesterday because of the transfusion but feeling horrible means it's working! Please keep me in your prayers as i sincerely wish that this cancer would go on remission. The bills are ridiculous and im just trying to stay alive. It's insane to think about

| >>832816 Keep fighting!

| >>832816
Don't think too hard about the bills! There's lots of people who wants to help and I'll stick with it until everything is paid off. Keep on fighting, girl!

| Well said!

| >>832853
You'll be getting all of it paid Allanah. Don't worry. I finally have a job again, so there'll be more coming in from me as well when I get paid.
So there's at least 5-6 people who will be paying consistently over time for as long as is necessary.

| Thanks you for supporting and helping song-chan!

| Hello! Sorry i havent been here for a minute. Thank you so much for your constant support and congratulations >>832892 on getting a new job! I wanted to update you guys. They put my chemo on hold because i've been having fever for days now. I haven't been doing well. They're running tests to see if i accumulated any infection in my body so we can continue with the treatment. I've done a couple of transfusions but would need more.

| >>833112 I hope your fever shrinks soon g/u/rl, and then the treatment can continue!

| Mabuhay Song-chan!

| >>833737 thank you mod! I didn't know if this thread was allowed but im very grateful you kept it up.

Update: feeling much better now. They changed my set of antibiotics and all the tests ruled out all possible infections. It just meant the chemo is working but it wasn't expected to work this early (it is both an L and a W). If my fever stays away throughout a specific time, my chemo cycle will continue again. I hope we win this!

| Im so grateful for the people who keep giving to the old one. I know it's you g/u/rls!

This link to the new one sends updates and photos of my progress here at the hospital. Please use this if you want to consider donating!!


I also give free updates on my twitter @hiw0shi but they are much more informal. I wish some of you can reach me there so i can thank you personally. I'm very grateful for all of you.

| I said it on the other thread in /mu/ but i will also say it here

I was looking for this thread to give u g/u/rls updates but I couldn't find it so i thought the mods removed it. Which i understand.

>Turns out yall moved it to the top.
Im actually in tears rn.

First you supported my passion, now you support my life. I'm so humbled. I don't deserve it. Idk what to do to show my gratitude. My heart is about to burst.
I never expected this.

Too kind. All of you. Thank you.

| >>833772 You deserve it! And you deserve more song-chan! Luck has been unfair to you, but we'll do our best for you! Keep fighting!

| Le'ts gooo

| >>833806 i will fight! So many people keep showing their support, it's immoral to disappoint all of you! I will do my hardest til the end!

| Its not necessary to keep bumping the thread, it won't fall down any longer. ^^;;

| >>833935 Oh right! I'm sorry hehe

| >>833934 yay! :D

| Hello g/u/rls! Just wanted to thank you for your support by purchasing the /u/ playlist again ; u ; i really appreciate it.

Also for that one g/u/rl who donated directly to my paypal. I really want to thank you but idk where to locate your email address and stuff. I hope you're reading this! Thank you, M-chan!

Thank you also for another g/u/rl who sent me a note on my portfolio. Thank you for your support. ; U ;

| Update: i had to stop my chemo but the effect is still going strong in my body. I had two transfusions last night and am back to just having a liquid diet for now. :(

The side effects are harsh and need to tone down before i continue the last three rounds or else my body won't handle it. I feel very much like a beaten up banana. That's the most accurate way to put it as of now.

Thank you for your support and will continue to update! I feel hopeful that we can win this!

| >>834020 Yeah, let's go! You can win this!

| >>834020
We'll win this!!!

| Thank goodness there's a GCash option! Laban lang, Song-chan!!

| Hello g/u/rls!! Update!!! I had my blood tested today and the doctors said they didnt notice any of the cancer cells in my body! I'm still in antibiotics for 2 days but after that, when my counts are a little more higher, i can resume with chemo! This is exciting news! I feel like we can win!!

| >>834059 >>834061 >>834328 i feel very hopeful and will do my best!

| >>834356 >>834357
Fuck yeah!!! Remission looking hella good then!!! I'm so happy!!!

| Let's fucking gooooooo!!!

| >>834356 Happy news!! Yeaaaaaahhhyyyyy!!

| >>834356

Congrats Song-chan!


| >>834356
Hell fucking yeah!!! That's what I'm talking about!! Go kick cancers ass to the curb, Song-chan!

| <incredibly hihg speed clapping gif>

| Thank you, thank you, everyone!
Update. Today took a turn for the worse. I developed various muscle pains in my body. Especially my left calf. I can't walk. My fever is on the rise, too.

Something is weird in this hospital. I understand that they are understaffed because it's gov but my antibiotics keep leaking on the floor. It's spilling everywhere. The medicines keep getting diluted andi dont think im getting the meds in my body. It's rough here.

| >>834592
What can be done? What would it cost to move you to another hospital, for example?

| >>834597 nah. There are only two hospitals in the philippines that can handle my condition. This gov hospital and a private hospital that's really for the rich rich

| >>834592
Shit. That ain't right. Understaffed is not an excuse for any of that shit, at all. They better do something about that quick.

| Hello! Update! Chemo still on hold. They fixed my IVs. There are so many tests that has to be done. I've been having transfusions so often that we are looking for blood donors. If any g/u/rls from the philippines, around metro manila, would like to donate blood. Can you let me know, please? Thank you

| How are you doing? Did you get back on chemo and did you find a blood donor?

| >>835889 hey!! Here for another update!
I don't remember the last time i updated here but so much has happened. I've been really ill so i forgot to update here. Chemo is crazy hard especially when all The side effects are showing up one after the other. Im so decked out on antibiotics. Im on 5 all at once. That doesnt include the medicine they give for my fever, my antibleeding meds. It's all seperated from that. I've been also getting disoriented for staying at the same room

| >>835889 im still looking for donors! What we have is somewhat good in the blood bank as of now but we're still looking because i dont know how much i need. I've used 5 blood bags so far and 3 platelet bags (1 platelet apheresis and 2 concentrates). It's all very spontaneous when i need a blood bag. That's why we need to be stocked up.

| I realized i didnt answer the question. No as of now because i have an infection in both my legs, so i can't walk properly. It's the cause of my fever dropping. The general surgery and my sub hematologist are still talking about how to deal with it

| Fever to stay high and not go away!!!!** Notice how disoriented i am? It's frustrating. I get angry about it. Im sorry. I hope my explanations have been somewhat coherent!

| Don't worry Lanah. You explained it really well.
Just focus on resting up and stuff, oki? Soon enough you'll be all healthy and oriented again. Stay strong.
Love you <3

| Precision on Blood type?

| Update! Im tired. They tried to upgrade my antibiotics but im not responding well to them so it had to be stopped. They're too strong. One kind of damaged my eyes and the other gave me really bad tics nonstop. There was one time last night where all the tics happened at the same time. It's the most frustrating feeling. I'm trying my best g/u/rls but im just starting to wonder what i've been doing wrong.

>>836140 O+! but any blood type would also do if any of you're willing! :)

| >>836257
What the hell I'm O+. However on the other side of the world...

| >>836303 O+ IS fairly common! I'm lucky that it's blood that's easy to find :)

Update: they'll do an ultrasound on my legs to know what's going on with it since i cant walk without experiencing extreme pain and an mri for my brain to see why im getting crazy tics. It's one tests after another. Im tired g/u/rls

| To the g/u/rls that are reading this:


I am humbly asking for help. I have 5 events today: MRI and ECG for my brain, CT scan for my lungs, 2 transfusions, (blood and platelets) and ultrasound for my legs. These are not cheap tests and it's all in one day. I'm on my knees. Please.

| This is the audio cleaner here with you... here since first thread and still there. I am genuinely pissed off in a sorrowful way. LEukemia took my dad but he was way older. It has no right to do this to you

| >>836606 thank you for being here, audio cleaner-chan! I'm sorry to hear about your dad. No one deserves to go through this.
I would appreciate your support.

Update: turns out you cant do 2 radiation tests at once. So they opt to put the CT scan for the lungs first. No results yet. I have transfusion tonight. I think this is my 6th.
I have a new antibiotic they want me to have. Please.

| Hello g/u/rls. Update! I am tired. but fighting! Tics have lessened but they tend to attack more at night. I'm starting to take voriconazole again which makes me hallucinate and have photopsia. They said it's the most effective drug for my condition, so I'm just trying to endure the side effects. They had my blood drawn to see how things are going.

CT scan for lungs came out! And as usual, nothing was found in there. They'll do an MRI for my brain once i'm more stable.

| >>837077

| heapat too

| >>837083 >>837180 thank you both. You better check your hand there. My hair is falling out.

Update! No tests today! Only transfusion! Thank goodness. I can finally get some rest. The doctor said my body is now slowly recovering. My blood counts are slowly getting higher. They said once i "grow" my immune system back, they'll take the antibiotics off one by one. :)

| >>837190
Hell yeah!!!
It's going in the right direction. Finally.

| OwO

| I'm so happy your body is finally recovering!!

I started donating blood because of this thread. I knew they couldn't send it to the Philipines but I asked anyway.

| Is there a subreddit or something that this can be posted to?
Like a financial samaritan community, idk how to put it

| >>837190

>offers even more headpats

| >>837248 that's very kind of you! I heard it also gives you health benefits. I used to donate blood when i was in college. The nurse here said they used to not ask patients to bring donors but since covid, the blood supply has been dwindling. I hope you g/u/rls consider donating blood once in a while. it really saves people.

>>837258 i'm not sure :( i'm not very familiar with reddit.

| Hello g/u/rls! Update! They're not doing anything to me except a blood test. For now, they're just observing and pumping antibiotics in my system. I have so much different meds running in my body that my sweat smells like antibiotics. But on the plus side! My fever is slowly going down! And my calves are slowly getting better. I just feel woozy and tired from all the medicine i take but they expect upwards trajectory from here. :)

| Please still keep me in your prayers. The battle isn't over until i'm on remission. I'm desperate for it. Please.

| >>837819 You can do it!

| >>837819 Please keep fighting!!
I give you all my energy! And all my sandwichs!

| >>837819 Song-chan? More like Strong-chan! Ganbatte!

| your songs are the best. can't give up now!!!

| >>837819
Always. I really think you can do this, Strong-chan! And always remember that you won't have to pay off the hospital bill alone!

| >>837359
I didn't know it gave you health benefits but apparently it might. I gave my first bag a few days ago and I already got a text that said my blood bag was used. Yeah, where I live we get notified every time our blood is given to someone which is kinda cool I guess.

I encourage everyone here to think about donating, especially if you're young. You only do it 3-4 times a year.

| >>837840 >>837867 >>837950 >>837974 >>838063

Thank you so much! Tbh last week, i genuinely thought i was a goner. There were moments where i said "i love you"s to my loved ones because i never thought i'd make it. I'm doing better now but i won't be able to fully relax until i know i'm on remission status. I didn't complete my chemo cycles before my bone marrow grew. I'm worried but at the same time i have faith that it'll be okay.

| >>838066 look at you!! It's nice that they let you know. That's just one person you helped save, g/u/rl! I hope people consider doing it more. I didn't know i needed this much blood and i didn't know how many people needed it til i did. Thank you for donating.

| 来个翻译行不行

| IMPORTANT UPDATE: I'm having my bone marrow biopsy tomorrow! I'll know whether i'm in remission or not! I'm nervous but at the same time hopeful that things will be okay. Please,please, keep me in your prayers for this. This was what we have been waiting for. And I'm really desperate to go on remission. Please.




| >>838565

| Good luck in your biopsy Song-chan!

| Praying with all my heart <3 You're a fighter, Strong-chan

| I have a question is this a real message board that was made for Valhalla?

| >>838573 >>838574 >>838663 >>838747 >>838757

You are all too kind! Thank you so much!
I had my bone marrow biopsy this morning!
Now we wait for the results.

My lower back is tender from it but it's okay. I can sort of stand on my own and walk now, too. I really hope i get on remission. Results are coming in in a few days. I'm hoping for the best!!!!

| >>838789


| >>839049

Best of luck Song-chan!

| >>839049
Let's go!!!

| >>839049 I believe in you!!

| Thank you everyone!!

Update! The doctors said my counts are doing great and that i can be discharged for a week or two! Then.. i have to come back.. and do more chemo. I feel really disoriented and the bills are finally catching up to us.. my running bill is around 700k pesos for the 1st cycle.. it's driving me mad that i have to do more. We're not made of money. How will we manage to pay for the rest? I should be happy but staying alive is.. expensive.

| I wanna brainstorm this. Where else to post thread link?

| >>839747 im sorry.. brainstorm what?

| >>839816
Brainstorm how to help! Besides donating there can be more things done and I'm thinking about
>More exposure
So where else to post this then...

| >>840014 your mom facebook group, fr not even joking

| >>840014
Literally every social media and social media group you got

| >>840014 we have this over at twitter and on facebook. Twitter's been the best in terms of exposure. Facebook.. not so much. We're all living in a 3rd world country haha so there isn't really much donations going on there.

Wanted to update you g/u/rls! Im on remission! They're discharging me for a week then coming back for more.. chemo. Turns out i need multiple cycles to really have this gone. This is an expensive illness.


| Battle won! Ganbatte, this shit sucks, just a week ago I've heard news of a person known by my family that has died of cancer, I know of one more person in my life that died because of it, but you win!!! So good news!
I hope you won't give up on making songs also.
(audio cleaner)

| >>840171


| >>840171 So damn happy to hear this! You'll be much more comfortable in your home I hope. Won't stop supporting you, let's keep fighting it and the bills!

| >>840264 >>840422 >>840446

Thank you so much!! I don't understand what it means, though. Even if i'm on remission.. i still have a couple of cycles of chemo to go.. so idk if it's worth celebrating.. does it kind of mean i won round one?

I'm so sorry to hear that. We live in a strange time. I hope you stay strong despite the circumstances.

Speaking of!! I have a song i need to have cleaned. I can't clean it myself rn because i can't access my pc, so.. you up for it?

| >>840465
Let's do it.

In terms of remission, I'd rather be honest with you, cancer is not an on/off ride. It's a ride and you cannot know when you are off. My father for example beat cancer like 3 times and by the end of it he was just spent and too old. Some people beat it and never get it again. It's sadly uncertain.

Audio cleaning!!!

| UL on mixtape.moe or something like that.

| >>840544 it sounds awfully bleak in your perspective. Though i don't blame you. Sometimes, the reality of my illness catches up to me and it can be very disheartening. I would like to believe that i will be healed from it. Please let me hold on to that hope.

Mixtape has shut down so im putting it on vocaroo. Please clean spirit!

Also there's this song i worked on on the guitar called 'eye to eye':

Thank you so much!

| >>840601
Sorry, I didn't want to pour dark in your head. Ive just dealt with many bad stuff so I guess I grew a bit tough about it.
Let's go cleaning!

| https://vocaroo.com/19OYONKbqdMZ first one
Trimmed beginning/end with flight fade in/fade out... I really tried to make the noise reduction optimal so as to get it as clear as possible while retaining the 'resonance' idk how to call it
Would love some feedback to know if the improvement is good

I'll need to know if the L/R balance is centered or not also! I sent it like 20% to the Right because original sounded kind of decentered.

| https://voca.ro/1hY7513TLX1U Same with this one. Moved to R like 15% roughly. Redid the noise thingy because artifacts started popping up. And a 3rd time to fix the fadeout.
Again if it's not L/R centered just let me know!
Do you have any idea how precious you are?

| I thought I had cleaned Spirit already? Oh well, I did it better this time around. (If it's centered)

| >>840626 >>840633
The first one is EXACTLY how i wanted it to be! I just wanted it to be clean and louder. Same with spirit! You did an amazing job, audio cleaner-san! I'm making a video for 'eye to eye' right now! Thank you for this, and i can't believe you do this for me for free. I'm incredibly grateful.

I had a checkup today and my doc said my 2nd cycle starts on the 25th. Also getting me and my bro tested if we match for the bone marrow transplant. Seems intense.

| >>841143
You didn't seriously think I'd charge you money right?

| I want to add that if you care you could do a cover on https://youtube.com/watch?v=l-2RHcJdhZk .
The singer was also sick when she made this.
You are also an inspiration.

I don't know if I'll be able to post much more because dangeru keeps IP-banning me through CF. I'll hang on tho...

| >>841403 haha i wouldn't know. A friend of mine wanted to edit my stuff for free then started charging me out of nowhere. I get it though. It's not easy.

>>841422 i wish we have a different mode of communication so we can still talk! I have a discord but if you're uncomfortable, it's ok! As much as i want to do it, i can only make new stuff through my pc at home. I'm not allowed to go there yet, though.. So i might not be able to post new stuff til im better. I'm sorry :(

| Hello g/u/rls! Update!
According to a test did to me, i was positive for a FLT3 D835 mutation in my genes. Unfortunately, i'm more likely to relapse. My doc plans to go all out on me: consolidation chemo, midostaurine and a bone marrow transplant because apparantly "patients who do this treatment live longer than those that doesn't (those that didn't do a bone marrow transplant). Though i'm in a resting period right now, please still keep me in your prayers!

| >>842216 I wish you good luck Song-chan!

| >>842216
I always do. I hope it goes well!

| >>842228 >>842251
Thank you! I asked her about the side effects of the midostaurine after the cycles of chemo, and she responded that she didn't know. I'll be her first patient to undergo the treatment. I'm nervous about it tbh.

| >>842216
Always. I get the feeling that if anyone can beat this it's you, Song-chan!

I try to practice mindfulness at all times, including the times where I'm nervous and I'm stressed.

| Hey, how is your mental health? How have you been feeling? Developed any coping mechanisms? Depression? Better t otalk about it tbh

| >>842292 thank you! I'd like to believe that i can beat it. I guess it's just hard to be mindful sometimes when you feel the weight of the situation on your shoulders.

>>842361 i've just been playing skyrim. I try to explain to my loved ones the heaviness i feel, but they sort of don't understand, except one of my close friends who was diagnosed with colon cancer. Everyone admires and tells me im strong but i don't feel like i am.

| >>842467
You can always dump all your feelings about everything ITT, this is your thread after all
I suggest you practice some mental dusting and get it out of your system as it comes up. As much as possible

| >>842516 i spam it on twitter! I'm trying to be mindful of my posts here since the thread has a limit. So i try to fit as much as i can in one response!

Update! I had my last check up this morning before i go back for consolidation chemo on the 25th. The cost is staggering for a bone marrow transplant. When we heard the ballpark cost, it seems impossible. I genuinely had a headache the whole day for trying to think of ways on how to earn money. So much money.. just to stay alive.

| Hey g/u/rls! Idk how it works with threads if it needs to be updated daily or else it dies. But tomorrow i'll be getting a swab test along with an xray because it's a requirement to provide on my admission.

The ballpark given by the doctor for a bone marrow transplant is around 3-5 million php. That's a lot of money that we def don't have. I won't be getting it for now. I'm not sure if i would be able to.. but i'm trying my hardest to be hopeful about everything.

| Idk what to do...

| Audio cleaner. I'm getting full-on 1020'd. It's become almost impossible to post or even to view site.

| >>843007

As long as this thread is stickied, it will never die. ^^

| >>843481 thank you!!

>>843206 i'm sorry! Idk why you have issues. Mine opens up just fine D;

Update! I'm going back to the hospital now! We are currently packing our bags. I'm honestly not looking forward for it and i'm kind of nervous on what's next. I hope you g/u/rls are still with me on this! This will be my 1st consolidation chemo cycle. The doctor said i need to do 4 for my case. We still have a long way to go!

| >>843589
We've always got your back! We're always here for you. Beat the shit out of that cancer!!!

| >>843730 thank you!!
Update! We're now in the hospital since yesterday. They did tests like 2d echo, urinalysis and blood tests to see if i'm okay and can handle the consolidation chemo.
They said i'll be starting my chemo today. Pray for me!

| >>843981
I always will.
I wish you the very best!

| Leukemia can be cured, song-chan! They're usi6the results of the COVID vaccine to make HIV vaccines (and they're working), and they've started work on cancer vaccines too! If you can survive for 10 years somehow, you'll have a cure that's less expensive than your hospital bills!

| >>844430 thank you!

>>844000 whoa that's crazy! It's great that they're advancing on this!! I hope cancer can finally have an end once and for all! The doctors said that AML patients dont really die because of the chemo treatments, but the infections that come after it.

>Update! The 1st chemo treatment went well :) though it's higher doses. Today is my rest day, then the treatment will start again tomorrow. Your best wishes must be working because i don't feel anything crazy!

| Update! 2nd day od chemo is almost done :)
I feel hot and cold and dizzy all at the same time. I wanted to thank you g/u/rls for giving me this platform to vent. The people around me want me to stay strong and they tell me 'it doesnt matter if the food taste bad at the hospital, you have to down it" and i know i need to be strong and stay that way but i'm tired. They think i'm picky but i'm really trying. All my antibiotics are oral now and i only have one more day of chemo left!

| Hospital food sucks, but just think how great real food will taste when you're out~
Keep it up, you've got this Song-chan~♥

| >>848588 thank you! Good news and bad news.

Good news! I've completed my chemo treatments! Im staying at the hospital for the suspected aftermath! But since i have my mutation, the medicine i needed to take (from india) wasn't shipped over to the philippines. They said they forgot. I'm lowkey panicking because it will take 15 days for it to get here when i have 21 days every month before a new marrow grows in my body and we do another aspiration test. Wish me luck!

| >>849065

Good luck!

| Update! They did a blood test on me and they said things are still.... Normal. Which should be a GOOD thing to a healthy human being.. i'm not quitte sure how it is for me.. my counts should be dropping now.. But
they're thinking that maybe the chemo didn't work. Please keep me in your prayers!
Please pray that it works!

Thank you to those who donated for the bone marrow test that i needed! It's fully funded and my bro and i will go when i get discharged. Thank you very much!!

| You're very welcome Allanah! I'm praying and hoping the chemo works. I can't fathom what you're going trough but I think about you and your situation every day.

| simple

| i was wondering was this thread i just found today was and i found out and ill try to support all i can!

| >>849562 wonderful


| >>849758 thank you so much!! This is very sweet. :(

UPDATE! Got a blood test today and the results are in: my blood counts are rapidly dropping. I'll need a transfusion this friday.

For g/u/rls who are living in metro manila and would like to donate blood, please contact me! I'm not sure if they'll acknowledge our previous "stock" but the blood bank here gets stingy with patients since covid. Any bloodtype!

Discord: hiw0shi#5420

| >>850373
Any manila g/u/rls better go do it (if it's not something that would be dangerous for you to do ofc)!!!

I hope you get some good, fresh bags!!!

| I wish I was rich enough to pay for your blood bags...

| >>850401 i got transfered platelets because my platelets was around 34! Now it's 40 :) i also have another blood test today!

My midostaurine has shipped and will be used in my next cycle instead!

>>850718 it's okay! Tbh we couldn't even afford being hospitalized. Yet here i am, on my 1st consolidation cycle. Affording my medical bills is a miracle all on its own that im so grateful for everyday. It's all out from generosity of everyone. So please dont downplay small amounts!

| Meowdy, g/u/rls! It's my 2nd round of transfusion today for platelets! I had 3 in stock and have already been transfused with blood twice this week. I'm now down to my last blood bag.

If any of you is in metro manila and is willing to donate blood, pls contact me!
All bloodtypes are welcome!

There's screening to be made and steps to be done before donating and ensuing that the blood you donate will add to my stock. So this is VERY important! Please reach out to me. Thank you!

| Update! I've been discharged from the hospital early! My doctor was shocked at how well my counts were so here i am. :) I'll be returning on the 20th for my bone marrow aspiration to check if i still have cancer cells in my body.. please pray for me! Thank you so much!

| >>852951 Those are good news! I hope everything will turn out okay song-chan!

| >>852951
I'm so glad to hear that! How are you feeling?

| Woo!

| >>853086 thank you!!
>>853202 im okay! I'm currently living someplace different because i'm not allowed at our house (we have dogs) and just trying to call it home. I'm still not allowed outside or have visitors. It's very isolating sometimes.

Update: Bone marrow biopsy and a blood test tomorrow! I'm a little nervous because i haven't been feeling too well but I am still hopeful! Fingers crossed! Please pray for me that i'd still be on remission status, still.

| hey

| Is there anybody out there?

| >>854203 I wish you good luck with the biopsy and the tests! I also hope you can get used to your new place!

| >>854709 hello!

>>854943 thank you!
The biopsy went well! I'm sore for a few days but it's okay. The doctor said that my blood test went so well and that my counts are so high that i can even donate blood if i wanted to! I would, but i don't want to risk it in case that i still have blasts in my blood, yknow?

I just wanted to thank you all for your constant support and wishes. You all have been nice to me and i've never been so thankful.

| >>854947
I'm so happy!!! Hell yeah!!!
That's amazing to hear.

| >>854947 I'm so happy for you!

| >>854947 That's awesome!

| co cai loz dit con ba may

| kek


| >>855397 >>855195 >>854968

Thank you!! Update!!
Gonna find out the results of my 3rd ever bone marrow biopsy tomorrow! Also having another blood test. My platelet was unusually high last time. Please pray for me that i'd still be on remission status!!

I'm not sure if i updated you g/u/rls,
but my medicine from india's here! I can finally incorporate it in my next cycle!

| >>856421 those are some happy new while we wait for the biopsy results!
I hope the results are positive for you and I also hope that the medicine is effective!

| Good news! Still on remission status! 0-1% blasts are found in marrow. Can you believe that? When i started, my marrow produced nothing BUT blasts. I was shutting down. I couldn't eat or walk a few steps because i was so exhausted. Now im still here, reporting to you guys and playing skyrim!
I will be confined again on may 4th for my 2nd consolidation chemo. Thank you for being here and listening to me. The support keeps me going.

| >>856747 These are happy news indeed!
I'm so glad everything is working out well song-chan!

| >>856747 congratulations!

| >>856747 Yaaay! Hopefully it stays this way!

| >>857039 me too!! The doctor said i need to undergo bone marrow transplant.. but we really cant afford it. I dont think i'll ever get it.. i hope i stay this way with meds alone.

Update! Im back at the hospital!
For those near the metro manila area and are still interested for blood donation, please contact me! We're out of donors, and it would be a great help for my cycle this month.

My number: 09954049279
My twitter: hiw0shi

Thank you!

| >>857721

| Update! I just finished my 1st dose of chemo last night! I felt a little ill because of it but a good night's sleep made it better.

My doctor said that leukemia isn't something hereditary (only rarely) and contracted when exposed to something. Be it too much radiation or lowered immune system.
Stress is a huge factor, too. I was in a really toxic workplace, working graveyard shift for years and really neglected myself. A huge part of me thinks that's one of the big causes.

| I was also in bad relationships so.. bad things all around.

I guess what i wanted to say is that..pls take care of yourself g/u/rl!
Find a small habit for your well-being. Recovery and being better takes effort and hardwork, but.. it's worth it in the long run.

I had always been scared and unmotivated to take those baby steps before but i wished i forced myself to take better choices. You have so much to live for, g/u/rl! There's so much to see and enjoy in the future!!

| I wish I had money to spare... unfortunately I'm just your average teen that has no money whatsoever. All I can do is send my good-luck wishes. Stay safe :)

| >>858169 it's okay! Thank you for the best wishes. I need it!

Update! My chemo sessions are finished and im now in the phase where i'm going to start taking midostaurin for the first time. They say it's also like chemo but taken orally for day 8-21 of my confinement in the hospital. Let's hope for the best!

| >>859610
Hope it worsk well! Praying for you <3

| >>859655 thank you!!
Hello g/u/rls! Hope you've been doing well!
Update! Blood counts are dropping.
My doctor said that i'll need blood soon.
We are still looking for donors!
If you're in the metro manila area, please consider donating! A few of our friends have tried to donate but they didn't pass the screening. I have 0 blood bags left :(
If interested, please contact me!!

| Hello g/u/rls!update! This is my last day of oral chemo. :) I am still in the hospital and will be staying longer than intended. My doctor stressed the importance of surgery, and it's freaking me out a little. But i am okay! And well! (:

| >>862502 don't be scared! Everything will be alright.
I wish you good luck on that surgery and I hope you don't need more chemo!

| I always check this thread when I can and silently cheer you on

| Me too

| Haven’t been on for a while, but god reading this thread really makes me appreciate all you g/u/rls cheers!

| You all are very sweet :(
I am currently discharged and is staying at home! Kind of.. it's like my hospital room but with a sink and a dining table. There's nothing in this house. I really appreciate that you g/u/rls are still here.
I'm currently on remission still! And i only have 2 more consolidation chemos left! Partyyy

| >>866874
Let's go!!! Let's have a Lanah party!!!

| >>866874 Heck yeah!
Maybe you need to get used to your home again... But putting that aside, let's party!!

| Shit, song-chan is poor

| >>867129 That's more reason to help and support her!

| >>867129 there are a lot of things that my doctor doesn't allow and the place doesn't have anything because i only stay here for two weeks but you are somewhat correct.

Leukemia is very expensive and for the bone marrow transplant alone, i would need a couple of years to earn it with a salary from a 3rd world country ( TT n TT ) midostaurin, my maintenance drug isn't available here too, which makes things more expensive :(

| >>867002 maybe! But this isn't really my home. It's a temporary flat because i can't go home since we have dogs :(

| >>867708 ohh... I see...

| Good to hear that you're making your way through all the roadblocks despite the difficulties <3

| Hello!! URGENT Update!!

Tomorrow my parents has an appointment with a social worker to evaluate my medical condition to see if i can qualify for financial aid in my bone marrow transplant. We are all nervous and hoping for the best.

If i get this, a HUGE CHUNK of money will be discounted from my medical expenses. I honestly think that this is the only way that we's be able to get the transplant done.

Please pray for us! Send us good vibes!!
We truly need it!!

| You're in my prayers as always! I wish you the best! You've got this!

| >>871307 take my vibe

| >>871307 I wish you the best g/u/rl!!

| just read through this whole thread and it was heartwarming to see how many people are here to support you, i wish you the best!

| Hello!! I haven't updated for a while but it's mostly because i've been taking tests and assessments. Along with my brother for the transplant.

Unfortunately, we're not a match.
There will be a lot of complications if we go through with it, so we've decided not to proceed even though it will be the best course of action.

I will still have 2 consolidation chemo cycles to go through and will be confined again next week. :) I am tired.

| >>875240 This must be so stressful for you. Love you, Song-chan. Good luck with chemo

| I'm poor af but I totally can do 1-3 bucks but 5 really is more than I can spare rn, drop a paypal or sth so ppl can donate under 5 bucks

| >>876716 thank you. this truly means a lot. I was discouraged and disappointed that this is all we could do, but i can't sulk over things that we can't control. I wish the medical field advances quickly in regards to cancer so we can truly find a cure. :)

>>877982 you don't need to donate if you can't!! Any amount helps! I'm really thankful that you're still thinking of donating despite your circumstances. Bless your heart.

>>My paypal is: [email protected]

Thank you!

| Hello! It's been a while, but i would like to provide an update. :) My chemo cycle for this session is over and my medicine from india has also been held up by customs so i wont be able to take them this period. I would like to thank everyone who still keeps asking how i am and how everything is coming along. My blood counts are very low (this morning my platelet count is at 29) and will be undergoing transfusion today. :)

| >>880513 I'm sure a lot of us are worried about you. We're a small community, and you're forever a part of it. Just keep us posted, and keep pushing through. Hoping for good news ♡

| drinking my coffee without sugar and tea and I want everyone to know

| >>880988 thank you, thank you! I talked to my doctor and she said we are just waiting for my counts to go up so i can get discharged again. After this cycle, i'll have the LAST SESSION of my consolidation chemo!!!
We're almost done!! Wooo!

To the g/u/rls who are reading this, please lend me your virgin powers so i can kick this cancer in the butt!! Lol

>>881537 consider this seen!

| >>881722
>virgin powers
finally, a chance to use my wizard magic for good. take my energy!

| >>881722 congrat!! I'm not virgin but take my non-virgin power anyway!!

| >>881722 Good news! Awesome~ \o/
I'm sure there's still some virgin magic left in me, so uh... I cast Magic Missile to make a shooting star, or some wholesome wizard shit.

| Don't give song-chan you virgin power! You'll lost your virginity that way, sullied for life, and can't get married anymore!

| >>882174 I will make and live with that sacrifice if it means Song-chan gets a much-needed laugh out of it

| >>882174
Are you saying marriage is more important than song-chan? Blasphemy!!!
Sacrifice all your virgin powers to our righteous musical goddess or leave this realm never to return!!!

| >>882174 it's ok, I'll still marry you

| >>882174 No worries, we'll just hold a group marriage for eternally sullied g/u/rls

| >>882174 Objection! We can all mutually marry and be each other's waif/u/s.

I got discharged a few hours ago and just arrived at my place. They did the bone marrow aspiration on me this morning. It was difficult. My doctor had to aspirate me twice. I'm tired but comforted because we're all fighting this together. :)

If this is the last post: thank you! Yall have been people i deeply cherish. This community is still the same tight-knit family years ago. I love it. I love /u/.

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