The Worst Types Accounts You Follow On Twitter

| Alright I'm gonna try. Political, news, E-girls, most Vtubers (Nux is my exception), the "Nudes" accounts, any account with a meme for a pfp, any account with a ugly person as their pfp, Loli community accounts, Cult Recruiter accounts, and this is all I got. Your turn to name some

| I only follow japanese artists with cute girls so I don't have anything bad on twitter except from sometimes UOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH moment

| Ryona vtuber

| Any account that isn't 100% art

| Why would I care about the types of accounts I don't like? Why would I follow them? Literally just mute/block and forget about them.

| >>825483
queen logic right here. Same

| I never really see anything I don't like on Twitter because I get to curate what I see. Don't go to the trending page, don't read the fucking comments, don't follow cunts and/or tards, just lurk and enjoy. Why are y'all eating shit and asking for seconds??

| Who tf unironically has a Twitter

| >>825523

| >>825523

| Gimmick Accounts
Like SantaDecides

| I don't have Twitter lol

| >>825523

| I only follow like 30 accounts on Twitter

| I like the MAPs accounts and the non-offending zoophiles

| >>825523
This but also special mention to "She/her", pink hair, or tranny flag in bio

| >>825483

this tho.

i tried using desktop twitter again and good god the promoted posts, "twitters you should follow" etc are such eyesores.

third party client ftw.

| I followed Jake Paul

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