I have a nice way to get rid of pushy admirers

| Namely, I ask such a delinquent if he had anyone in the family in the secret police????????️ and they make big eyes, shift their faces, hide their heads in their arms and turn on their heels.

I prefer to die my way than to live and rejoice at yours.

| ...? I'm so lost baebe

| >>825455 You must seek for the infinite

| So help me god, if you don't take your meds...

| Wait, so having orgies with them is not the best way?
I don't think so, orgies work for me everytime.

| Wait I thought this said pussy admirers
I need to get off my meds jeez

| I thought this was gonma be genuine advice. Damn :/

| >>825510 pussy admirers wouldn't make sense cause why would you get rid of them

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