What advice can you give to someone who seemed to have lost sight of their dream?


| Without context, it's hard to judge.

| Are you looking for a priest in a strip-club?

| Find a different one. A dream will remain a dream, unless you make it become reality. If you’ve lost sight in a dream, you no longer see it as possible, fix whatever is intervening or move on.

| I have a different problem, two of my dreams are both fufilled and now I feels lost.

| its never late to continue working, in my expirience years-long hiatuses only improve the quality of my ideas

| Clean your room, bucko.

| Don't focus on a single dream. It works out well for some people, but searching for new dreams to chase is a good way to find meaning and inner balance. That's my approach at least.

| Don't lose sight of your dream

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