hope you slept well gurls

| I got a new mattress and actually slept through the night n my back and neck dont kill ^~^

| My cat had the zoomies until 3 and then puked on my bed. Better luck tonight.

Congrats tho. I need a new mattress too :D

| I’ve been sleeping on the couch for the past week since my family has rotated getting covid, my back fucking aches.

| No, not at all. Im fucking tired.

| I slept kinda well, even if I involuntarily slept in my chair.

| actually, yeah I did, even though that's not super normal for me recently. and I'm getting ready to go to bed right now, in time to get good sleep two nights in a row. aint that shit crazy

| I've been getting 6 hours every night but I don't feel like shit somehow.

| only got 5 hours last night, gave me the shakes in the morning but once I left my place I felt fine

| I didn't. But I'm gonna do my best!

| I keep getting sleep paralysis at 4AM but I'm slowly getting better at fighting it. Good sleep will be mine!

| good sleep is temporary, gaming is eternal

| i was trying to go to sleep at the right time. but it's 3 in the morning now... :/

| I wish I never woke up.

| I've got 5 hours from now until my alarm goes off. Wish me luck.

| I went from 10 hours during my vacation to 4-5 hours now since semester start. feelsweirdman. Give me an ayyy for Alzheimers?

| >>826109
Surprisingly wasn't too bad. I'll get 7 hours tonight though!

I believe in you desu desu desu desu desu desu~

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