Scammers using Va-11 Hall-A's name

| Hey, you seen this shit?


| Jesus FUCK this is dusgusting!! I unfortunately dont have a twitter or I'd be all over that. Luckily they only have 3 followers (lkely the scammers) but this is boldfaced egregious on so many levels. Fuck these cryptoqunts

| this should be stickied

| k made a twitter specifically to report them

so gross

| Funny, is problem?

| additional information:


| Context: some bastards are having another crypto in works and plan to use valhalla as a brand. They have no rights for this and even original creators don't accept it.

| So what?

| >>823545 imagine working on something for years and now someone comes in, takes it, claims as their own and makes money out of it

| >>823547 I am fine with it.

| luckily whether some randos here are "fine with it" isnt the point

glad folks are taking note and speaking up for an indie dev

| So glad the cryptocuck got suspended

| >>823565
They did? Good.

| Im beginning to wonder if the twitter's suspension would be enough. As much as i know, there is also websites for NFT stuff and the token still might be there. Twitter can only be used for promotion of these things, so i think the cryptocuck won't stop and just make another page on facebook or whatever. So eyes pilled, anons.
P. S. These are just my thoughts, i'm definitely not an expert, after all.

| >>823582
Yeah. Seriously hope sukeban has the legal recourse to hammer these assholes in the bad way.

| Well now it's really all up to them. I hope they can do C&D

| this is the squid game coin all over again

| Update: The twitter account has been suspended. The main website for the coin is still up. Thank you for your assistance, g/u/rls.

| Looks like they attempted to rebrand as vallhalla_bsc and were swiftly yeeted a second time.

| Feels like another pump and dump tbh.

| So weird though, i feel like val doesn't have the same sort of outreach as most meme coins.

And even then the average player can read for more than 10 mins so it kinda goes against the pump dump mentality.

I guess they expected it to be a dead property that no one cared about because kirin is taking so long making nirvana, godddd dammmmit ;<

| Who even buys these kinds of coins?

| >>a29bdb Cryptocucks who need to expand the market or their scam will collapse under its own weight

| Everyone knows the official cryptocurrency of va11halla is BTC credits.

| Update: A g/u/rl contacted the host of the valhalla.org website and it looks like they're gonna pull the domain in a couple days.

They have rebranded the twitter a third time but it has been reported. We're waiting to see if twitter still nukes it.

| just so you know, the actual scam website is https://vallhalla.org/

valhalla.org, while shady, seems completely unrelated

| Thay changed tag again to @valhalla_bsc

when will they learn

| the amount of impersonation is disgusting tbh


| JESUS fuck

| Update:

The valhalla.org website's been taken offline, and the telegram group supposedly got raided. Valhallatoken might be going down, if it hasn't already.

| Site inaccessible, valhalla_bsc Twitter account deleted, not banned, maybe it'll stop, maybe it won't.

| Big Brandtini for all the telegram raiders! On the house! <3

| It is finished. Vallhalla token is kill.

The official telegram has been hacked and wiped!

A shame it happened the day *after* their release date

| >>825574 let's fucking gooooooo

| >>825710 better late than never

| Just saw this, good job to everyone who helped wipe their crap.

| Thanks to all involved, you're heroes

| should have made a sex coin instead those dumbasses

| We should make a fake cryptocurrency based on burgs.
No value, no mining, and based on trust.

| >>825574
Fuck yes

| >>826771
lilim coin when? :>

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