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Let's play a game

| Try guess my memtal age, you can make questions, i can answers if i will be ok with it

| Child

| 13

| What is your favourite entertainment media OP?

| What's your favourite pizza?

| >>816865 i feel confused what are you meaning by it.. like if movie, anime, game? Or some merchandise for example as spiderman? Or some platform? My favourite series is probably Fatal Frame / Project Zero.. over that i never played this series because i get scared easily i feel strong sympathy for this
>>816867 pinea- just joking, diavola ^^

| >>816884
Hmm. So you're a JoJo's fan.
JoJo's age rating is estimated around 14+.
The age rating of pizza is 3+.
14+3+ = 14+3 = 17
So your mental age is 17 years old!!!

| Fuck you OP, you made me lose the game

| >>816888 i never watched jojo, i have no idea why are you thinking it xd
>>816925 how?:o

| If this thread won't lock, 1. January i will reveal my physical age xd

| >>816946
Damn. I thought Diavolo was the key to this.

| >>816966 ohh, no, i love spicy taste and i'm masochist xd

| >>817049
14 probably then. Or 15 maybe. One of those.

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This thread is permanently archived