Kind of sad

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Misoginy, echochamber
Talking points "all women care about is money and looks, they'll go for chads any day and are golddigging whores. Also ALL WOMEN ARE LIKE THIS"

Misandry, echochamber
Talking points "all men care about is looks and having sex, they'll go for submissive bimbo sluts any day and are aggressive creeps. ALSO 'Not all men' IS BULLSHIT"

Are we really like this?

| Both are also unhappy.

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no these people are not representative of an average or mentally healthy human

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But there's a lot of them... and the internet keeps on making them grow in numbers]...

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Not really. It only looks like there's a lot of them because they congregate from all over the world and they spend their entire lives in front of those sites. It wouldn't surprise me if there's only like 30 people actively posting.

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