Life is meant to be enjoyed.

| Do your best to enjoy life today, /u/!!!

| Reasons to smile are all around you!!!

| Life is not meant to be anything. The only constant is suffering.

| Have sex and have fun.

| >>807511 It's not suffering if you become masochist g/u/rl c;

| >>7d5482 I agree with you OP, for a lot of humans, you and me included, life is meant to be enjoyed!
And that's the meaning we choose!

| Sure is. Too bad it doesn't always work out that way.

| >>807602
You have to put the effort in and make life enjoyable. It's something you build, not something you get served like when we were kids.

| >>fe8e4e >>a93617 It's half-half, you need to make a constant effort to maintain your life however you can, but sometimes you will have bad luck.
No matter how good or bad you were working on your life, there's always an aspect of luck.

| >>807653
You still need to put the effort in. You can't count on "luck" alone while doing absolutely fuck all.

| >>807672 yeah! Like I said, it's half-half!
I hope my luck gets better tho hehe

| Mhm!
Life doesn't inherently have any meaning, and life isn't always fun. Most of the time it kinda sucks. But good part is that you can choose what you want the meaning of your life to be, and do your best to go towards that!
Choosing the meaning to be to enjoy it as much as possible then, well, you can do stuff that makes you enjoy it more, and, yeah! It doesn't always work, but, making the best out of it is better than just taking whatever you get.

| Life in itself is a constant fight for survival, with little interest for the individual as long as the species persist. It seems quite the opposite of fun

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