I have done more than 150 drawings this year!!!

| The year's coming to a close and I always get super nostalgic and depressive because I didn't do shit...
I made a quick recount and without taking in count stuff that I didn't publish or uploaded to the cloud I have done more the 150 drawings this year!!!! This is fucking huge for me, I used to be barely able to do 12 last year, but now I made so many! And I'm just super happy!!!! I feel like I got so much better just this year.

| I also feel more confident in the fact that I can make this work as a full time job, because it's just what I love to do, drawing, illustrating, doing art, so yeah, I just wanted to share that.

| If you didn't draw the first original 150 Pokemon then you failed and I don't care about your 150 illustrations.

| Good job! Schools been getting in the way of my time to draw but its really great u got to draw so much

| That's impressive. Good job, g/u/rl!

Of course, this is around the time we ask you to post your Twitter to take a look at the ones you did publish~

| Hello >>8fd15b this is your dad speaking. I'm very proud of you, daughter.

| Based

| >>807508 based

| >>807501 yes we do ask for twitter

| Share your drawings with a us, g/u/rl I wanna see them

| Also if you post your work on Twitter or Instagram I may or may not follow you, who knows?

| I made more.

| Damn, I'm kinda regretting not drawing in all my life, maybe I should follow your example OP, and start drawing something.

| Congratulations OP committing and building positive habits is a fantastic accomplishment, one that I'm sure other gurls have issues with. It's nice to see someone crawl out of the sewer drain.

The only thing left to do now is draw danger/u/ being fucked in the mouth with a banana.

God bless.

| >>807494 Yes, you're right I did fail I will now destroy all of my drawing tools just because of you

| >>807498 Same, but I still try to get some in between to cool off from homework and shieeeeet

| >>807508 nice try, g/u/rl but1. All g/u/rls have abscent fathers 2. My father doesn't know how to speak in English

| >>807501 >>807520 >>807521 On Twitter my handle is @LaPrettyDorito and on Instagram it's doritolaprettiest

| >>807546 Good job, g/u/rl!

| >>807567 IT'S NEVER TOO LATE!!!! And you can do so only as a hobby, so no pressure!

| >>807593 I may draw the danger/u/ mascot girl someday, maybe eating a banana just in reference to your post who knows!

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