Give me a break and leave me alone

| I don't want to worry about problems that don't concern me. Nobody gave a shit about me and now I have to worry about social justice? Where were you when I needed it? You are all the same. YOU better be NOT replying to this thread. Let it die before tomorrow.

| Society

| >t never interact with people and get suprised when no one cares or knows about you

| Can you share some context with us OP?

| Tell them it is No Noise November. N.N.N.

| >>807407
Why go through the effort of telling us to fuck off. We're not obligated to keep everyone in a good mood.

| >>807421 We live in one

| No Niggers November status?

| >>807565 you're weird, stop talking

| >>807566 The rise of people saying the n-word in danger/u/ is strange.

| >>807569

| Grab a Kit-Kat if you want a break. ez

| Is this vent? Kinda sus

| >>807569
It's just one NEET samefagging every single day.

| >>807621 Or... maybe you're crazy?

| >>807623
Or... maybe you're super obvious and kinda dumb.

| >>807625 nigger

| Hate niggers.

Not all of them but the most is extremely dumb.

| >>807630 >>807633


| >>807630 >>807633
I'm calling the maid police!

| Damn. New influx from Reddit?

| >>807846 if you pay attention it's all the same person

| >>807864
Yeah, that doesn't surprise me. That's usually the case when someone's acting 12 on here. But they gotta come from somewhere, yeah? Because we usually get rid of them, and but then one more shows up eventually, and when we get rid of them, a new one or two sometime later. Like, where do these once in a while dummies come from?

| >>807655 so it

| >>807864
Based on what?

| >>807893
Based on my enormous clit.

| >>807886
Remember that spammer from stockholm? The one that spammed from his phone by manually copypasting his posts, during the days of catchpa so he had to solve the catchpa every time? The one that got doxxed, yeah. He's been back for a while now.

| >>807864 >>807886 >>807908

You people are literally going to create a conspiracy theory than to accept that a lot of people still think that the world "nigger" is funny.

| Anyway, doesn't really matter. You can think that I am mentally a 12 year old.

| >>807908
I do remember that kid. Or, manchild rather.
That would definitely explain some of the recent samefagging. Could be a different one as well. Though, judging by the reply directly above me, I'm inclined to believe you.

| >>807921 just for the record, (>>15b7be >>16f13c) and >>7d0fd1 are two different people. My id changes from time to time.

| So, at least there are two of us.

| Though there is a chance that I changed my memories in the state of psychosis...

| hey....

| >>807919 mald about it

in reality I think there's probably multiple people who respond with obvious bait or slurs when there's a reason for it, but there's also I think just one g/u/rl who will put it in 3 or 4 threads for no real reason all in one visit who makes up the majority of them. it's ok to have tourettes though I still love you anyways g/u/rl.

| >>807965
Ay. That's not a very nice comparison for the people with tourettes.

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