Fuck weed

| I just smoked weed for the first time and I do not see the appeal at all. It made me uncomfortable from beginning to end, I feel like a completely different person, and I still have a faint taste of it in my mouth which is grossing me out. Being high off of weed is the worst feeling in the world.

| Weed is good, it's you who's bad.

| no

| Weed is good, it's you who's bad.

| no

| Weed is good, it's you who's bad.

| Weed is bad

| yes

| Hate weed

| But why would I want to fuck it?

| I personally fuck with it, but I completely understand not enjoying it. Not smoking just in general is also healthiest, so that's probably for the best tbh.

| I wonder if there is a good weed anime character out there. Like earth-chan. I'd fuck that.

But weed is super important for some chronic and mental disorders so don't hate weed if others partake.

| You can do whatever you want, just don't encourage me to try it.

| >>807275 I know there is a board called 420chan, maybe they have a mascot?

| >>807326
That place is still alive? I remember when the founder took too much acid and stabbed a pillow to pieces with a kitchen knife and broadcasted it trough webcam. Was kinda funny.

| I wish i had human emotions

| Weed is like all drugs, retarded. People just enjoy putting their life in danger and others' lives even more, just for fun.

| >>807351 ok but don't say slurs dum dum

| What the fuck is that? >>807353

| >>807353 Sry mom, i is dum dum

| >>807351
I don't know what Facebook post you've read to think weed puts you and others in danger, but that's very inaccurate. Drug use only harms the user, and that's exclusively health wise, and weed is very mild in that regard.
Only exceptions is if the person consuming it is a shitty person. Like people who drive under the influence.
People's reasons for taking them is also extremely rarely "just for fun".
Basically, don't demonize drug users. It's dum dum and not very nice.

| >>807373 Funny to see that most car accidents are mostly caused by people under the influence of either alcohol, or weed. Doesn't seem like an exception, but rather a rule.
And people who take it for medical reasons are taking medicine, that's unrelated. And if they drive or so, they're little shits too anyway.
I demonize recreational drug users, as they are a problem and bring nothing good. And most, if not all people I've seen talk about taking weed were doing it for fun too.

| >>807379
As I said, shitty people. Those drugs aren't making them drive. They're choosing to despite knowing the result.
Meds are meds.
Recreational users usually do it for a reason. Sure, a lot might say it's just for fun, but as someone who's says that myself, well, it's only a half truth. For me and everyone else I know who uses any sort of drugs recreationally, it's just to feel any sort of escape and release because we can't get that anywhere else.

| And are a problem? Come on. Are the people just trying to cope with the shitty, oppressive system they're living in the problem? Or is it the system that fucks people up to the point where they see drugs or death as the only escapes and punishes those people if they try to get help?

| Like, I fully and completely understand not using them. I understand not liking their existence. I understand not liking that people struggle with addiction etc.
But dehumanisation and demonisation of drug users is a big part of why it's such an issue in the first place. People get treated like lesser and punished for just trying to cope with the bad RNG of their birth, causing even more stress, causing them to use more and feel like dropping those habits is useless.

| >>ffaa34 If life is so bad for them, then why do they have to make their lives worse with using drugs?

| >>807400
You clearly don't understand how drugs feel or what it's like to be in a bad environment. And, that's okay! You're lucky in that sense.
But when you're in constant mental distress, desperately trying to make it and fit in in a system that actively puts you down, all around you you're seeing good ass people fall and you have nothing and no one there to make you feel okay for even just a second, then those hours of mental relief is the most tempting thing in the world.

| Like, how do I put it?
If you're constantly freezing at all times, all day every day, and you feel like you're about to die of frost bite, then you would go sit at a fireplace for a couple hours every now and then, no? Even if sitting at the fireplace would take some years off your life and people might look down on you and even punish you for sitting at that fireplace it's either that or freezing to death, and sitting there is the only time you ever feel comfy.
You understand?

| >>ffaa34 I think I can understand better, and I think we may need more people that comfort others and makes them feel better as well.
We need to empathize more.

| hahaha check out this square

| >>807431
I agree. I think so too. Help and comfort is super important for people who don't have it.
I'm glad you understand.

| argue more lol

| My experience is that weed will generally be unpleasant if you are not comfortable with it or yourself. If you have anxiety, negative thoughts or if you are in an environment where you feel uneasy weed's gonna make your mind eat itself up. That used to happen a lot with me because I have severe anxiety. But when the rare occasions came where I was feeling great and had people I like with me while smoking it felt just so good and chill.

| I don't like weed even though I used to smoke a lots out of stress

| Remember g/u/rls, don't do drugs.
Drugs are bad

| >>807651
That's one of the weird things with it. Because some people are like you with that. They have anxiety and when they smoke that gets boosted.
But there are also some who have bad anxiety who smoke because it calms their anxiety. They feel less anxious on it.

Idk why that is or which is the default, but either way it's best to be careful, since the only way to know is by trying. Might give you a break from anxiety. Might give you the worst panic attack of your life.

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