Would you like to live in one of your fantasies?

| If you had the chance to engage directly, and live one of your fantasies, would you?

| Yes? Why wouldn't I?

| >>807265 I'm just curious, and also I understand your thoughts, why wouldn't anyone? Often, your own fantasies are better than reality.
But I kinda wanted to know how many "pure realists" g/u/rls are, that wouldn't like to live in their fantasies, and I want to know their reasons for that.

Personally, yeah I would love to live in my fantasies.

| My deepest dark fantasy is shoving my dick inside of your mouth...

| nihgher

| >>807298 That seems to be the fantasy of many g/u/rls

| No, but not because I'm a realist. It's because my fantasies are All Sex All the Time and that would get boring pretty quickly. Some things are more fun to think about when they'll never actually happen.

I do also fantasize about being able to shapeshift though and I'd take that in a heartbeat.

| my fantasy would be turning into a cute girl

| Fantasies are often quite shallow. You imagine some concepts, cool things, safe places, whatever makes you feel good, but if it actually existed, all the things you didn't think about would appear and make it shit.
Fantasies are good as fantasies, to escape reality, but it's more logical to work on reality itself than hope to live in a fantasy.

| Yes, i would.

| No. It would be too much sex involved.

| >>807371 idk about you g/u/rl, But my fantasies are quite complex and rich, filled with meaningfulness and space/scenarios for me to expand myself and grow as a person.

Although I do have some fantasies just to be horny, I admit that.

| I once went trough the entire VTMB game in my head including sidequests and *every* enemy placement while pretending I was the main character. I freeformed the dialogue though since it was more entertaining that way.

Having to spend so much time alone during the early to mid pandemic was extremely understimulating. This is easily the most autistic thing I've ever done.

I wouldn't want to live there though.

| >>807426 Why wouldn't you want to live there though? It seems like a nice place for you!

| >>807245 Yes. To have a body that quickly builds muscle and regenerate well. To have immense, near limitless wealth and no obligations, to keep myself busy with all the hobbied I've tried out.

A power fantasy would be interesting too, though being god would perhaps become boring, even if I would not be plagued with such feeligs.

| >>807551 I love that kind of fantasies!
I gotta admit that I dreamt of becoming a god as well.

| I don't think I would.
I'm sure it would be nice in there and all. A lot less suffering. No more dummy systems fucking me over. No more struggling to stay sane. No more gender issues. It would solve basically all of my problems and remove all the stuff that makes me sad.
But, that stuff is kinda what made me who I am, and if living in one of my fantasies means leaving the loved ones who've struggled alongside me behind, I just couldn't. It wouldn't feel right. I'd rather fight.

| If it's just for a moment though, or some scenario where I could go back and forth between reality and my fantasies, then of course! There would be a chance that doing so would make me mentally insane after a while, but, I'd still love to try that.

But if it's choose one or the other? No. I'm not abandoning my loved ones for that.

| >>9491e8 I understand your view and your reasons truly.
Although you should consider inviting your loved ones to your fantasies!
I'd bet it would be pretty fun for everyone!

| >>807736
If that's an option, then of course I'd choose that! If I could bring my loved ones with me in there then I would pick that in a heartbeat. I just kind of assumed that wasn't a possibility in this hypothetical.

| i would want to but i don't want to trample on other people's free will just for my satisfaction.

| The amount of human rights violations and crimes against humanity I commit within the first second is enough to convince I shouldn't be allowed to live in my fantasy.

| >>808073 what if the fantasy would be a virtual simulated world, that is indistinguishable from reality, it looks and feels identical to reality, and all the people in the virtual world are simulated, would you commit those crimes there in that virtual fantasy?

| >>808073
Look out, we've got a gamer girl over here!

| >>807362

| >>808078 If it's identical to reality, I think their faces and cries would still make me feel guilty as hell.

I think the only time I'd be relatively okay with it is if it was socially acceptable to perform the crimes in the virtual reality, i.e. no cries and also no real consequence.

| >>808292 I'm pretty sure I just got put on the FBI list cus of this post.

| >>808293 lmao don't worry g/u/rl, we all have some violent fantasies, it's all okay if we don't act on them hehe

| >>808292 Oh I see! I'd think the same

First of all, problem is oftentimes my fantasies don't have me in it. But look.
I fantasized about somehow a demoness got summoned. Now imagine the ...fantasy-game type "kinda blue-ish skin with scary eyes and dark horns" type. I fantasized that there is this manly protag who is filled with fear at this because she's like a boss of some sort coming to destroy the world. So he comes up behind her and stabs her between her demon feminine shoulder blades. But she moans.

| And she starts moaning as if it's a fucking pleasurable sex act. I mean, I guess she did come from hell? The guy panics at this point, grabs the knife with 2 hands and starts racking it up and down inside her. And it's like she's getting sexually aroused because she moans even harder. Wherever lungs should be, or a heart, it doesn't seem to do anything as it's just like he's being a bit rough fucking her but that's it.

| Now the man is filled with fear. He puts all his strength into trying to fucking rip her open [...] long story short, she orgasms from it. And as the guy is basically paralyzed in terror, the the most deliciously horrifying demoness voice she thanks him, and goes... "Now I shall do the same to you... With passion, like lovers... I shall show you all sorts of things, and I'll be sure to make it last... So let's have some fun..."
And she turns around.

| Does it make sense now?

| >>d2e937 I understand your fantasy!
But wow, that's frickin' brutal.

| >>d2e937 It's interesting I must say, that your fantasy doesn't include yourself. Almost all of my fantasies I'm included!

| >>808464
That's the point. I'm all into sexualization of the worst stuff into something that is painfully appealing.

| Of course I do! At least I can't find any cons of poofing into my own world.
If you had to design your own world once and it will be permanent, then sure. However, as it will be a fantasy, everything could be designed. Or inherited from reality, when needed.

I move some concepts from my imaginations to real world. It works well for now.

| >>808545 >some concepts from my imaginations to real world.
What do you mean with concepts from your fantasies being moved to the real world?
I'm interested!

| >>808554
It isn't much yet. Everything is mostly contained on my server - descriptions, a bit of maps... A bit of plans what to do in the future to (finally) be happy. ^^
My fantasies usually are real-life events I want to happen or items I wish to own, wrapped in a fictional world concept. And a few things that are much harder to achieve. That's why I'm into virtual countries and roleplaying.

| >>808641 Oh I understand now! I wish you good luck with your goals and dreams g/u/rl!

| >>808665
Oh, thank you <3

| Yes because of the sheer amount of sex that happens in them

| >>808739 You're always welcome!

| >>808761 Nice choice of fantasies fellow g/u/rl

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