why'd you cheat on your relationship?

| g/u/rls of /u/, this thread is not out of judgement but out of sincere curiosity.

If you have ever cheated before, can you say why? what's the thought process? what drove you to doing it? do you regret it?
if you can turn back time, would you have done things differently? did you learn anything from it?


| I mostly cheated to see if I can hop to a better partner or fulfill needs that my current partner can't or won't deliver upon.
Since my (main) partners have never learned of my doing so, I faced no consequences of my actions and have no regrets.
I learned a lot from those relationships honestly, and I think they helped me develop into a better human being.
I'd cheat again given the opportunity tbqh. Being mono is not based.

| I haven't cheated but I fantasize about having open relationships a lot. It would be fun for me to have a serious partner who I'm comitted to and also a bunch of insignificant fucktoy orbiters.
In any scenario being in a polycule would definitely be more based.

| >>807172
>It would be fun for me to have a serious partner who I'm comitted to and also a bunch of insignificant fucktoy orbiters.
Well that's just mean.
Treat every of your partners as if they were your primary.
They don't deserve being toyed with.
>t. polyg/u/rl

| You are all whores

| My last boyfriend was one of those spiteful, hateful, loser NEETs who thinks he's better than everyone despite spending every single day in front of his computer. He lived like a slob, ate garbage food, constantly lied to himself and others and genuinely seemed to think people believed his bullshit... or even cared about what he had to say.

I cheated on him because he couldn't fulfill literally a single one of my desires and I regret nothing.

| >>807208
That genuinely sounds like a boyfriend you shouldn't have had in the first place.

Like respectfully, what the fuck were you thinking?

| Cheating is not inherently wrong. Sorry but i think it starts in the head or when you develop feelings for someone you can't control it. It really does not matter if you cheat while in a relationship or after it. When the cheating person isn't trustworthy most of the time it's complications within the relationship for whatever reason or when your partner does not invest in you or love you anymore or atleast make you feel like that

| >>807208
You must be pretty ugly to have these kinds of standards g/u/rl

| >>807215 Most people expect the other to not cheat in a relationship. That's an implicit (or explicit) agreement. When you cheat, you betray the other and that's inherently wrong.
Whether you have a choice or not doesn't change that. If you don't think you can control yourself, then warn from the start that you're likely to cheat. But don't try to make it something normal and unavoidable to break someone's trust out of selfishness.

| >>807224
>Most people expect the other to not cheat in a relationship. That's an implicit (or explicit) agreement.
That's a remnant of the era when women were burned on their husbands' funeral pyres, sis.
I'm going to need you to stop reinforcing the patriarchy with your moralizing, okay?

| >>807226 Patriarchy? So trust and honesty are exclusive to patriarchy, interesting. Have you considered stopping drugs?

| >>807211
To be fair I wasn't in a good state of mind when I met him and I also mentioned he was a liar. When we first met he was pretty much mimicking my actions and values and it took a few weeks to notice that he wasn't what he claimed to be.

| >>807215
If there are complications and lack of love in a relationship then why is there a relationship? If you have feelings for another then the relationship should be with him. If you are physically attracted to someone else then it's basically just being a slut.
The only tangible excuse for cheating is still "I am a whore." You would be so dishonorable and do something so shitty to someone to sate your own lust. I hope you fall deeply in love, and then get ntr cucked by a chad.

| But then again I suppose this is the same trolling bitch who made that misandrist thread back then to fish for replies, so we shouldn't really be too concerned.

| >>807231
So if you don't have feelings for your partner anymore it's okay to cheat?

| >>807233
I don't know if you've ever heard of this, but it's called "breaking up".

| >>16eb94
>knows its bait
>falls for it anyway
you're unironically retarded

| Which is also why I'm considering giving an ntr pass to >>807230 because if she was in a *genuinely* abusive situation where the guy was a monumental cunt and breaking up with him politely would have been a complete and thorough waste of time (not just 'eh fuck him' but he really is a disaster) Then yeah maybe.

| >>807232
I suspected the same to be honest.

But what if your partner is a giant deranged asshole who doesn't care about anyone but himself? He wouldn't think twice about hurting other peoples feelings. In fact, he'd enjoy it. I'm just giving him a piece of his own world.

| >>807235
I'm having fun, troll bitch

| >>807235
Chill out, homie. You don't have to take this site so seriously.

| >>807237 see>>807236
In certain conditions ntr-ing a - and I must stress this - gargantuous fuckbitch, can actually be quite defendable. Maybe even enjoyable. Yeah there are some people that deserve to be visible cucked in live time behind plexiglass, and they deserve it all the way. There aren't that many people though, and subjective judgement lead by emotions is usually voluntarily deceiving.

| In the end I am glad that there aren't that many bad people out there after all, and I am especially glad that I am not OP. Must be a pretty sad life to want to anger people by posting garbage.

| Imagine being in a cringe relationship lol.

| You are automatically a slut if you have physical attraction to someone else aside from your partner? Wow, then a lot of people are "sluts" and "whores". You cannot control things like that. You can only control if you act on it or not. There should be more open relationships. Being with someone is a choice, not a contract.

| Personally, I think we should have both open poly relationships, and "closed" monogamy relationships.
The "open" rels should be the "default" for a circle of close friends, for example. They are more casual, free and without much commitment.
And when someone wants long stability and loyalty with a partner, and both agree about that, they would have a "closed" relationship, trying to make it the longer relationship they can make.

If people want to mix these options, they can I gues

| I only cheated on them because they griefed my world in Minecraft.

| >>513e11 understandable

| >>807437
>without much commitment

| >>807142
For me it was a heat of the moment thing combined with increasing "numbness" in the relationship. Even though I don't want to get close to justifying my infidelity in any way; I admit that things were getting cold between me and my ex gf and that was a huge factor. I was in a house party without her and things just happened. I feel bad about it to this day, broke up with her a few weeks after that but I never told anyone outside the internet about this.

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