Do you like who you are as a individual?

| Will you be friend to yourself?

| Yeah, I'm doing surprisingly well for myself.
How about you, OP?

| For the most part I really like who I am... but adult ADHD is a mind-killer, and loneliness even more so.

| Gotta be honest. I sort of despise myself for something I failed to do 13 years ago. It's pretty much killed all drive I had to pursue my dreams, and I'm past the point of no return for many of them.

| >>807035
It's time to forgive yourself, girl. Don't suffer any more than you have to.

| I would say so, yeah. My gut reaction to that question is a very clear "NO", but, rationally, I think I do. I'm not a meanie. My friends seem to really like having me in their life. I do some cool stuff sometimes. I've made some mistakes for sure, but, none that are super bad, and I've forgiven myself.
So, yeah! I'll be friend to myself :3

How about you OP?

| >>807036 Two people died, and 7 others got shot because I decided to be complacent and trusting instead of listening to my instinct and being suspicious.

| >>807057
I have two people's blood on my hands too.
Overdoses, though.
You do not know what would happen if you did try to do something.
You can forgive yourself.

| >>807062
I second what this g/u/rl is saying. There's no way of knowing alternate outcomes, and stuff other people do
really isn't on you, even though it feels that way.
That's a really important thing to keep in mind. The fact that it happened is already painful enough. Don't let it corrode you

| >>807013 no, i cutted this person so much times

| >>807013
no lol

| i don't have a clear view of who i am so idk if i'd even be my own friend

| I like myself, and I love myself.
I'm a pretty cool and chill human bean

| >>807057 also g/u/rl, even if you could have done something then, you can't do anything to change it now. the best thing you can do now is try to feel better.

| If you ask me whether I like myself, then my answer is, not really? I'm kind of a mess.

But will I be a friend of someone like me? Absolutely, yes. I'm fun! With some variable definition of fun!

| Not really, I want to be someone better than myself but it's hard to start

| No

| I want to but I can't

| Would you befriend someone who broke a dog's leg? Would you befriend someone who ignored a family member that was in pain? I hurt people yet I long for deep connections. I want to be hugged but I don't. I'm a terrible human being and I pretend I care about others, do I? do they care about me? We live in a world where everyone is connected yet most people suffer from feelings of loneliness. We all live within our shell. No, I would not be my own friend.

I am tired of life.

| >>807277
I don't care about the dog thing, and I've probably hurt a bunch of people too.
Today I feel bad only because I'm a shut-in with no foreseeable future. Tired of life as well.
So who's worse?

| >>807277
>Would you befriend someone who broke a dog's leg? Would you befriend someone who ignored a family member that was in pain?
There are more people who don't care about stuff like that than you might expect. But also if you're gonna moralize yourself to death over it, you're probably gonna scare off all of those people too. You're not going to get along well with people who don't care about those things if you still care about them.

| No, I hate myself.

| No. Needs more work on self..

| No.

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