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| plump?

| Jesus fucking Christ how dare you make a thread about plums? I hate plums. I have everything *about* plums and everyone who voices any positive opinion about plums. They are an irredeemable waste of perfectly fine organic carbon, an abomination of nature brought forth by insane experiments of our ancestors who really should've known better, the bastard of fruit trees whose offspring is completely unsuitable for consumption by human or even animal.
Delete your plums and this thread.

| >>806612 stop bitching and get the fuck out of my thread

| >>806691
Obvious plum farmer doing damage control lmao

| >>806691 >>806700 plumposter btfo'd

| >>806700 >>806741 suck on my plums

| Love plums.

| >>f0f1eb woaaah white id so rare
plums are cute

| >>807009
It means I'm the chosen one. Bow down to my superior plum opinions and listen to this:

What do you call an albino gorilla?
Honkey Kong

| What do you call an albino lion?

Animal cracker.

| What do you call an albino in a BDSM scene?

Whipped cream.

| Why do albinos hate fruit?

Because they lack melon-in

| What do you call an albino that doesn't leave you alone?

Al-JalapeƱo business

| >>807034
You don't get to do albino jokes, greenskin!

| >>807037
Thanks for ironically supporting my joke.

| >>88ed7c
Hey, what is green and smells like bacon?

Kermit's fingers

| >>807037 fuck off

| >>807037 fuck off

| >>807037 fuck off

| >>807037 fuck off

| >>807037 fuck off

| >>807037 fuck off

| >>807037 fuck off

| >>807037 fuck off

| >>807037 fuck off

| >>807037 fuck off

| >>807037 fuck off

| >>807037 fuck off

| >>9b3d14
Here, have a plum.

| >>9b3d14
I'm still here btw! What are you gonna do about it? Nothing, huh? Then here are some more jokes.

Why does >>9b3d14 like plums?
Because he couldn't get a date

| >>9b3d14 enters a bar with his father. While the father is sipping his drink at the bar,>>9b3d14 jumps around to eat everything he finds. He jumps on a pool table and swallows a billiard ball. The bartender shouts "Did you see what>>9b3d14 did?"
"No, what did he do?" the father asks.
"He swallowed my billiard ball!" says the bartender. "I'm not surprised at all. This jackass eats everything he sees" so the father pays for his drinks and everything >>9b3d14 ate.

| >>807077
Two weeks later, the same father comes to the bar again. While he's sipping his drink, >>9b3d14 starts to jump there and there. He finds a green plum in the bar. He stucks it into his ass, then takes it out and eats it.
The bartender who saw it shouts "Hey! Did you see what >>9b3d14 did?"
"No, what did he do?" asks the father.
"He stucks a plum into his ass, then takes it out and eats it." says the bartender.

| >>807077
The father says "he's still eating everything he sees, but he's been measuring everything after he swallowed the billiard ball.

| I love plums.

| I hate plums.

| You could say your appreciation to plums just plum-meted

| fuck off

| How do I delete someone else's post?

| A plum-ber might be able to help you

| >>807537 ask politely

| >>807537
Deal with it, snowflake.

| But what if...


| melon gang

| Melons are acceptable.
Fuck plums tho.

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