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I might be aromantic?

| I just realized that I literally cannot tell the difference between love and obsession lol. Like I wish I was joking but idk if I've ever ACTUALLY been romantically interested in someone. The idea of a relationship is nice but once I get one I feel so disconnected. I do care about the other person but I don't feel any romantic connection. I definitely experience sexual attraction though. And I have genuinely liked at least one person before. But I just don't know now :(

| And what makes me so confused is when I finally do get a crush on someone they become basically the ONLY thing I think about. And yes I know that's sad and unhealthy and I'm looking for hobbies as we speak. I literally feel like I can't breathe when I'm not talking to them and it feels like my life lacks meaning. Idk I need therapy lol.

| Might be. Not aromantic myself and don't know anyone who is, but sounds possible.

I mean, that's what a crush is. Like, I'm very far from any sort of ace and that's how I experience it as well. It's definitely an unhealthy amount of obsessive though, and it started being not as bad after I was done with therapy, so going to one might not be a bad idea.

| People think love is a toggle, but it's not, it's something you build. If you expect it to suddenly appear and be all good and such, obviously it'll fail. Not saying that you aren't aromantic or whatever, but I doubt that with your approach, it would work either way.

| Yep, sure sounds like you need therapy, op. Seems it's less that you're aromantic and more that you have some unhealthy relationship with, uhh, relationship.

| *shrugs*
Dunno OP, I have no idea what romantic interest even is~
I just grab people and vibe with them, and see how far they let me take it for the most part.
I partially agree with >>800548 insofar it's not love that you build (consciously working on a feeling sounds like a bad idea!!) but the intimacy that you have with your partner which is what allows for your relationship to truly prosper.

| If someone blocks off their heart, your relationship's dead in the water! Made this mistake earlier this year, don't go that route~

Also, people are telling you you should get therapy over how hard you crush on people, which is... wha? Everyone has been like this before their first real relationship hit and they kinda settled down? Based /u/ would pump you with thorazine over puppy love wwwwww

| I consider myself to be ace and aro, but I do have different reactions to "love", for example I don't have any crushes, and I'm also conciously trying to avoid romantic relationships, that shit is not for me. I don't think I can enjoy being "compromised" with another person.

I do have sexual attraction still, but it's not strong, I'd be probably fine if I couldn't have sexual intercourse for the rest of my life, it's not a big deal.

| Please enjoy your life and your mind OP, and please be careful with having such "hard crushes" because you might get hurt (emotionally and psychologically) if they reject you or don't care much about you in the end.
Love is dangerous.

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This thread is permanently archived