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I want to work as an electronic fitter after bachelor's degree

| At for about a year or so.

| I am kinda dumb AF, and it's really hard for me to study in the uni. And after few years there I doubt I want to be an electronics developer, coz GOTO first sentence. However I'm really interested in electronics, and I kinda like manual labor, so it would be cool to work as a fitter for some time. I hope I'll get enough experience on that position and will be able to grow up as an upcoming engineer

| At first I was planning to go for master's degree, but I'm not so sure I will handle it or want it. We'll see what happens at the end of 4th year though, MAYBE I'll understand that I DESPERATELY want to study in magistracy, or I'll be able to work as a FPGA programmer/developer, coz this shit is cool to, or I'll find some other cool vacancy that I'll be able to master. Currently I believe fitter is not a bad work for starting point. Not bad at all.

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This thread is permanently archived