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[Personal] What are you up to today?


| I love sex.

| When i get home, I'll go get some rice flour to try to do some mochi

| Have a wine with an old roommate

| nothing. alone

| Not much..? Working and playing some Lobotomy Corporation. And once the workday ends I can continue playing Dragon's Dogma. Fun times.

| im tired today QAQ

| Watching anime with a cute girl.
Later going to play Stardew with her. <3

| work...

| Nothing. I woke up exhausted with only one goal for today, which was getting out of bed, taking a shower and getting groceries. Tomorrow I have a course on mental wellness and on friday I have a doctors appointment. My pandemic life is really boring like that.

| Elona

| I'm gonna keep playing the awesome CYOAs I've saved recently! They make my imagination go wild.

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This thread is permanently archived