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I want the body of a Greek Goddess

| Yeah so can any of you recommend simple workouts that don't require equipment? I'm 16F and I wanna get ripped. I want a smaller waist and muscular arms and legs. I'm a beginner too btw!!

| I, too, want the body of a Greek Goddess.
Hmu when you achieve one.

| its tife to get...


Every time I hear people talk about getting a slimmer waist I hear squats are the way to go.

| try chloe ting workouts and ofc go on diets. diets are very important

| Body building is the way to go

| >>7f0c18 I don't wanna get too bulky lol. I wanna be slim but have some defined muscle.

| >>8b88c8 if you just want to slim down... Then i think pilates would help?

| Which goddess you going for?
Persephone, Diameter, Aphrodite, Artemis, Hera, Athena.. who you going for?

| >>795490
Radius is the superior Greek goddess. Sorry, not sorry.

| Aphrodite was fat so OP may already have the body of a Greek goddess.

| >>795500 from how to workout to how to grow tits

| I want to groom you into my personal Greek goddess if you don't mind ;)
What's your contact?

| >>795720 What a polite young lady, asking for consent before proceeding to groom OP. We should all be a little more like her!

| >>1f2e68 I have Twitter and Instagram. I have Kakao too.

| >>adc133 I think Athena is the best choice :] -D

| The best way to get the body of a Greek Goddess is simple:
Steal it from the museum!

| Have sex and have fun.

| Artemis best girl

| >>795822
That's a great choice! She's my favorite goddess. But I like the roman version better because Minerva just sounds cooler, you know?

| But to answer your question burpees are a great and simple workout if you want to improve cardio, lose weight, build core strength and get muscular arms and legs. The only downside is that you need to master regular push-ups first. Makes sure you can do at least 10 regular push-ups before you move on to the burpee.


| >>795820 I will take all three, please. Link them up

| You shouldn't link stuff like that here. Better yet >>1f2e68 should drop a throw-away mail or something and let her contact him.

| >>796058
I'm only joking, especially given that I don't believe OP is a 16 year old girl. Even if she was, why would she send her private details to some anonymous stranger? She should know better than that by that age.

| >>796063
Sure thing buddy. :^)

| >>796064 Fine. I will post a throwaway email and challenge OP to send me her social media.

[email protected]

Go ahead, OP. Send it before it expires

| >>796065 Who's the lunatic using my temp email to subscribe to cat newsletters???

| >>796086 spirit of /u/

| >>796086

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