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Is /u/ for being social?

| I'm a bit lonely g/u/rls, I'll be on this thread for a while responding to anyone who wants to talk. (ㆁωㆁ)


| Still there OP?

| >>d7ef33 yes I'm still here ( ╹▽╹ )

| no it's for dangerous opinions

| what's your dangerous opinion then?

| My dangerous opinion is that hugs are better than kisses

| >>d7ef33 oh I totally think this way as well!

| >>795307
Finally, somebody said it.

| >>795307
There's a reason why you hug while you kiss.

| /u/ is for being socialist

| >>540f63 Our /u/ is for socialism

| >>795322
nah, can't get a cyberpunk dystopia via socialism

| >>795326
We already are in one, it's pretty fucking boring g/u/rl
Let's at least make it spicy by trying out different dystopias before we settle on something for sure, yeah?

| >>795336
We aren't trying anything else out, not until a lilim saves the life of a white knight sent to hunt him down, delivers a speech about his ridiculous experiences, and then releases a bird as he dies. We can have it your way after that, but not before.

| >>795336
We gotta try something new soon. Pretty tired of this one. But, we can let >>795337 have her way first. It better happen soon though, because this shit's boring as hell.

| I'm in for a anarcho-accelerationist-communist-norwegian-martian-cyberpunk-postapocaliptic dystopia

| >>795348
That's actually what we Norwegians are aiming for right now, so you should move here before we lift off.

| >>795362 oof I can't wait for that juicy scene as well! Please wait for me!
I'm coming to norway.

| >>795362
You can have your bow back btw. Thanks for lending it to me.

| >>795506
Yo wtf is wrong with you...

| >>795348 communism is overrated, anarchocapitalism is better xd

| One day I will hug each and every one of you g/u/rls irl!

| >>3000bb that's so sweet, I love you too g/u/rl!

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