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I need to scream, but I'm in a densely populated residential area and it's 00:30 AM

| Please send advice.

| Scream later, duh.

| Honestly, it's the same for me. I want to scream real loud but I'm living in a densely populated residential area as well..

| She doesn't have a designated screaming pillow.

| do it anyways be a public nuisance

| Scream inside your hand



| Screaming is an important part of our everyday lives. Whether at home, work, or play, we are constantly being bombarded with daily stresses. Make your screams more fun with this diverse selection of the best things to scream into:

| • The Grand Canyon (Nature's most beautiful place to scream)
• The Hole in a Freshly Toasted Bagel (That is what the hole is for.)
• The Library (The forbidden scream)
• Your Ex-Wife's Sweater That Still Smells Like Her (Please come back Amy.)
• A Glass Jar So You Can Save Your Screams for Later (Scream storage is important.)
• Baby Monitor (Shut up baby. I am trying to sleep.)
• A designated screaming pillow (Very popular with millenials)

| Well at least you have a mouth

| switch your audio output to headphones. that works most of the time

| >>795513 yamero, maid-chan! you'll die!

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This thread is permanently archived