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| People feel so entitled.
Yo ain't entitled to respect.
You ain't entitled to anybody s time.
You ain't entitled to anyone's attention.
You ain't entitled to answers.
You ain't entitled to shit.

Nobody owes you shit. If you've been a bitch to me, I ain't giving you shit. Don't matter if we're blood or stuck in similar situations.
You ain't entitled to shit just cause you're fucking born luckier. Get of your high fucking horse. I ain't giving you shit unless you've earned it.

| You're used to people giving you everything you want? Good for you. That don't mean I will.
If I don't like you or don't wanna answer you and you ain't never given me a reason to, I ain't gonna. We're on even footing. Ain't nothing that puts you above me, and there ain't nothing that puts me above you.
So drop that entitlement.

| I'm entitled to headpats and you WILL fuck off. (after giving me my deserved headpats)

| Damn, OP, you must be fun at parties.

| >>794124 And I'm entitled to give you headpats and MESS you up.

| Shut up op, nobody cares about your retarded shit, I didn't even read your stupid post because it's obvious you're just a moron crying for attention by whining about how people are annoying. Go write your crap in your secret diary.

| >>794188
At least someone gets it.

| op you probably have a reasonable point as a reaction that happened to something in your personal life but when you post this with no context you sound like a fifteen year old who just watched the joker movie. do you want to tell us what happened?

| >>794187 >>794204
Yeah wtf is with all of the autistic teenagers that just post no context angsty bullshit here?

| >>794204 >>794272
I know full well how it looks without the context and honestly decided not to give context because it's funny to me. Without context it does look like a fifteen year old that just watched joker, and I find it hilarious. You can consider this thread both me getting something off my chest and laughing at myself at the same time.

If you want context I'll give it, but it's funnier without it.

| >>794272 You WILL experience autism, and you WILL be happy.

| >>794276 Massive attention whore.

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This thread is permanently archived