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How many ppl here are not russian/slavic

| Russian speaking ppl have their own thread, but who can guarantee that simple g/u/rls talking to you in other threads are not russian as well? Because I've got a feeling, that 1/2, if not more, of dangeru consists of russians or ppl who know russian

| There in no not Russian people in the world.

| According to the latest census, 71% of danger/u/ is Russian, while 52% of danger/u/ is not strictly Russian but still Slavic. Westerners make up less than 10% of the demographics.

| I'm Bulgarian :D

| >>794033 curious. What's up with this census? Whrn and how did it take place?

| I'm also curious why do russians tend to like Va-11 so much

| >>794033 also, you mean 52% of the remaining 29% who are not russian?

| >>81e437 You must be one of the westerners.

| >>794033
Glad to see I'm one of the 83% of Asians here

| God, I hope one of these is a cute russian girl who needs a bf

| >>794074
> implying to be a boy
> no dickpic

| >>794066 heh, why do you suspect this?

| >>794080 I saw her at the bus stop the other day. Her shoes had two stripes.

| >>2c6af7 I'm a tomboy

| >>794064 I got here randomly, haven't played the game until recently.

And I'm here for about 4 years now.

| >>794033
Those numbers are higher than I thought!

| >>794158
I'm higher than you thought.

| >>794083 stop baiting us then ffs

>>794123 I'm really curious how you found the board. there are pretty often people here who haven't played the game and where else would it even be linked?

| >>794205 Nowhere!

I got here by typing random key words in the market or google; don't remember exactly.

| >>794209 are you russian tho

| >>794271
Do you think only russians can search boards by typing random words?

| >>794333 but is he russian tho

| >>794355 But am I Russian?

| >>794359
You are. You are Russian. (And a fumo.)

| Hello g/u/rlz, I'm cute Russoan girl and I want to make new friends here!

| >>794367 Oh hello there. I sure would like to be your friend ;)
What's your email?

| >>794367 hello! Please tell me, russoan girl, where can I find you in Russia! I like you really much and want to visit Russia to meet with you! I will buy the first awailable plane ticket!

| >>794388 Please come to Omsk. :)

| But I want to make friends here, on board, not emailpals or meeting IRL.

| >>794406 Friends on the internet are just the ones who have terminal cancer and a billion dollars to give you

| >>794363 are all russians fumos tho

| American here, I love fumos

| >>794205 it was on the Google play store as a recommendation for a while. Alot of people joined and then it sort of dropped off for whatever reason. Kind of how I found it atleast.
American here. Uhhhhh....

H A M B U R G E R .

| >>794205 after I beat Valhalla and got the Dorothy ending, I googled Danger/U/ and lo and behold

| >>794033 and where are neko femboys? :o

| American here and i found this app after playing the game and looking for va11halla themed app on google play

| >>794028 russia has to exist, it's the fucking cold counterpart of hell itself (Brazil)

| >>795674 I have lived in Brazil for a couple of years. I must live in Russia now for a similar amount of time to become the Doomguy

| >>795718 Congratulations on escaping from Brazil!

| >>795719 Well, I had to escape Portugal after it hit the bucket during the 2008 crisis. Brazil was doing great at the time because of oil so it wasn't that bad. The conversion rate was 3 reais for 1 euro.

| As we know the Homo sapiens originated in Russia before they go to Africa to sunbathe therefore everyone is Russian

| >>795777 and where is hyperborea in all of this? And Tartaria? XD

| >>795812
Tartarus is for sinners >:(

| Korean

| >no international romance that started on messageboards
Why is it so hard to pull ppl out of Russia & Brazil T-T

| >>795974
It's hard for people who have lived in hell to get used to living in a society.
Westerners rarely realize the extent of the scars you carry nor will they understand where they came from.

| >>795974 nobody that uses messageboards starts a relationship via messageboards with another person who uses messageboards

| Slav is a state of mind

| >>794421 I am a fumo. Love you all.

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