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I'm finally getting out of retail work

| I got hired to work at a meat processing facility after quitting my job as a grocery store butcher and don't have anyone to tell other than the g/u/rls. Now I get to work a regular schedule and have weekends off to do stuff for the first time in my life.

| How do you like being a butcher?

| Ayyy congrats g/u/rl! Happy for you :D

| Ay! Let's go!!!

| You go g/u/rl im still trapped in retail hell so i know the pain

| Congratulations!

| I will let you handle my meat anytime.

| Congrats OP!

| I work for delivery and it is so much nicer than when I was working in a restaurant. Fuck talking to people. That shit is really annoying. I would 100% rather move hundreds of pounds of material than speak a word to a customer or person. The 60k a year working for FedEx is also nice.....

| Congrats! Actual weekends are nice indeed.

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This thread is permanently archived