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if you had the chance to become a robot/ai would you?

| I'm curious as to how any other g/u/rls feel about this topic.
cause, sometimes I feel kinda weird for thinking I'd be a lot happier or more comfortable in my "skin" if I were a robot instead of a human.

| From the moment I understood the weakness of my flesh, it disgusted me. I craved the strength and certainty of steel. I aspired to the purity of the blessed machine. Your kind cling to your flesh as if it will not decay and fail you. One day the crude biomass you call a temple will wither and you will beg my kind to save you. But I am already saved. For the Machine is Immortal.

| Yup. It's more efficient and i dont like to feel things.

| Maybe if i'm on my deathbed and I want my consciousness to live on. But I think I want someone to explain to it what it is, so it doesn't have an existential crisis later about not being the "real" g/u/rl.

| Yes?

| Yes, I would become an AI/robot, it has been a dream of mine since I grasped that I may could live long enough to see that kind of technology as a reality.

I truly hope I will become an artificial being that will respect my beliefs, memories and goals.

| My body sucks and I'm in constant low level pain, so yes, absolutely.

| Well, there is a problem. You can replace your organic organs with hardware, but there is no way to replace your brain.
I mean, even if humanity will be able to create a mechbrain they can't replace your mind, only copy that. Or copy or create a new one. That cyborg is no longer you, is never been you.
It's like a cyberstyle clone. And that mean that YOU will die in any circumstances, there will be only your copies.

| >>793505
Also, apologise for my english. I've never studied that shit well.

| I wouldn't be able to experience sexual orgasms, so no.

| Depends on if there is continutity of conciousness. I wouldn't mind AI copies of me persisting after I die, as long as they know they are AI copies.
Otherwise it'd need to be waterproof, as I love the ocean too much to give it up, and the ocean is very, very rough for robots.

| I want a metal arm like Venom Snake

| Depending on the technology? Like my physical body sucks. It get sick all the time. I'm trapped in an endless series of pain. Will a robot body solves that? If it doesn't, fuck off. If it does, I'm all for it.

| >>793505 Yes I've considered that as well, and personally, I'm fine with a cyborg copy of myself, even if my "conciousness" is not continued in the digital-brain.
It's still a copy of me, with my memories, my feelings, my beliefs, and my goals.

| >>793534
I hope you understand me. You will remain mortal, your copy will live indipendently.
Also, it's not fair. You will spend time and money and blood for this cyberimmortality. And someone else will have it. Someone like you, but not you.

| It's interesting but i think people underestimate the extent to which you're brain chemistry is dependent on the rest of your body.

So it would have to be biomechanical.

| Yes and control over my form and looks is very appealing. We are all prisoners to decay disease and death as we are.

Fable of the dragon tyrant is a good read.

| if ai form means i could get real looking and feeling vr and live here than yes

| It depends. Would I look like a boy?

| >>793576 I love the Fable of the Dragon Tyrant! It's so inspirational, I wish more people would read it.

| >>793540 Yes I fully understand what you are trying to mean.
But personally, I would be fine with that, because it's better than just dying without a copy.

Why I would be okay with that? Because I personally believe that humans are like a set of memories, ideals, goals and their behaviour to these elements.

For that reason, I believe, that a copy of me would be still be me, even if I'm "not the one in control" in that concious external body.

| >>793421
Glory to the Omnissiah!

| >>793624 indeed

| >>793599
You seem to imply that the core of your being is 'human'

| of course, because that means I cannot die of aging. By the way, if I had the opportunity, I would be engaged in finding a way to digitize the brain. but for this I first need to get a doctorate at least lol

| Yea that would be neat id be down to be a robog/u/rl

| Nah. Fuck that. Sure, biological bodies aren't super practical, but I quite like it. I like my body, I like sensations, and I like feelings despite how unbearably painful they can be, and I don't want immortality.
Immortality sounds so depressing. Just going and going and going until you pull the plug yourself. I don't want that. I'd consider immortality if I could keep my body, but what I just described while just a shell of myself and no feelings or touch? Nah ah. Not for for me.

| >>793624
Thank you, please proceed to the door to your left for servitor-conversion.

| >>793691 Digital brains are not eternal. They would just live a lot longer than current humans. Also, feelings are probably capable of being replicated in the digital brain.

I don't know, I think choosing to live longer means that I just love life and I'm curious about what will humans do.

| Brain on an Android yes, copy of brain shoved into robot no because I'd still be dead, but I am okay with my brain being copied to a computer and ran so people could talk to me or ask questions after I'm dead, might bring some people comfort but I'd want that version of me to have a way out

| >>793419 if i was really old, or close to death.. i would.. i would live forever on internet as long as i would want "^^

| >>793703
I'm sure feelings could be replicated, but I've struggled enough with my mental health to give up on all the little comforts and outlive the people who keep me here. With those things in my life, life is worth it. Without it, I'd probably want death immediately.

| As long as there are the advantages of a body ("brain" plasticity, ability to self-repair, decent energy usage, etc) then quite obviously.

| If I can still fuck and get high yes

| If I can have my dream body by doing so then yes in a heartbeat I'd be one.

| I once met someone named Taylor who was only a brain in some sort of jar. Didn't talk long (the place nearby smelled like piss) but they seemed normal enough. Think being an AI would be ok, like an android.

| If I could go full on ghost in the shell I would

| >>795236
Brain in a jar isn't AI. They're still human in my eyes.

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