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Favourite Horror Movies?

| Ginger Snaps is so bad it's funny to watch

| I like The Shining because he says the n word

| >>793398 He says nya?

| >>793399 No, no. It's another n word. You know the one hehehe ;)

| >>793401 I am going to make him say the nya-word.

| >>793401 which one??

| It's not a "true" horror movie but it does have horror elements- the South Korean film "Parasite."

| Come and see. Technically it's not a horror movie, but it's regarded as one of the scariest movies ever made. It's a ww2 film made in Soviet.

| Night of the Lepus.
It's so bad it's good.

| Jacobs ladder is fun

| >>793420 It's Ni... ce ;)

| >>793597 awesome!

I thought you meant nigger.

| >>793619 in reality they meant fucking your mouth

| >>793656
You wanna fuck my mouth?

| Every movie with Jackie Chan... He's very scary

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This thread is permanently archived