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Why does sex exist?

| I hate sex.
It just gets in the way and make a mess of the society.
You could have such beautiful rolling adventures or a nice comfy cuddle but nope, fuck you.
And if nature wanted us to have sex in the first place, why did it create STDs?
Why is sex still a thing? Why can't we have nice things?

| And why can't everyone have it at this very moment smh

| STDs were created by the debil and were released when we dug up the 'dinosaur bones' he told the der0 to hide above their secret caves.

| They exist to fuck your mouth

| Sex exist because of people, and therefore you're existing because of sex.

| >>793303 Sex was a mistake.

| >>793306 i don't think so

| >>793307 I'm a mistake, therefore so is sex.

| >>793226 pretty sure most viral STDs came from some weirdos banging bats and monkeys. All the others have always been around.

| >>793309 ^._.^ ok

| I hate sex.

| Sex is the place when I fuk your mouth

| Bunga bunga can be nice

| >>793310 furry rate would drop to 0% if true

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This thread is permanently archived