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Why exist?

| I hate existence.
It just gets in the way and make a mess of the void.
You could have such beautiful rolling nothingness or a nice comfy darkness but nope, fuck you, here's a big fuckoff star.
And if nature can't erode existence away, we should have done it ourselves already!
Why is existence still a thing? Why can't we have nothing?

| Maybe your existence sucks because you're a bitch who'd rather be whining and spewing a bunch of nonsense words about existence being empty rather than enjoying the many things life has to give you pleasure.

| So remember every day when you wake up in the mirror and think about how much you hate existence, that the culprit of its being so frustrating is you.

| Im going to bed, good night.

| >>792400 good night g/u/rl, remember to kiss your homies to make them sleep well

| Why do you think you are existing?

| OP is a robot confirmed

| Remember,you will die eventually and return to nothing. So there is no rush towards it. You will get to the void eventually g/u/rl.

| Everyone dies. Right now you're alive. That's a one time chance. So don't waste it on talking about shit like this. Have some fun with it instead. Get off your ass and do something you enjoy.

| Exist to fuck your mouth.

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This thread is permanently archived