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Why do cities exist?

| I hate cities.
They just get in the way and make a mess of the landscape.
You could have such beautiful rolling hills or a nice comfy forest but nope, fuck you, here's big fuckoff slabs of concrete.
And if nature wanted us to live in cities in the first place, wouldn't it just have given us the cities to begin with? We were supposed to be nomads!
Why are cities still a thing? Why can't we have nice things?

| Cities exist and have existed for thousands of years, because of a simple fact. Humans live longer when they're close together, suburbs only exist as a result of cities.
For instance one of the most populous early cities was one called Ashur, in ancient Assyria, where early civilization was cradled in a large space to work together to each other's benefit, nd a good portion of ancient cities hugged a water source, whether it be a lake or a river (ie a lake or river)

| Humans advanced past the bomaid stage because of commerce and agriculture, and a growing sense of proto-nationalism where one feels loyal to a city or city state (think Athens, Thebes or early Rome)
Humans without cities would not have as deep of a culture, advanced technology, well developed education systems, or most likely even a system of writing or tradition or literature, because when you're constantly moving, why leave traces through writing?

| *nomad

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And you know what that proto-nationalism brought us?
Return to hunter-gathering. We've gone too far.

| They exist to fuck your mouth

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| So that we can live in it and see what's on all of it, maybe have sex with it.

| lmao this g/u/rl believes in cities. the government made that shit up so they can convince you that "stock exchanges" and "real estate" are real parts of the economy. the buildings are all paper mache you can break through them with a sledgehammer.

| >>792698 imagine believing in cities

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Initially easier to manage and distribute goods.
Then money, cash, megabucks, scrip, dead presidents.
Purely management reasons.

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What's next, believing in mountains?

| >>793053 believing in yourself

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