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I have a doomer problem helps

| I am disgusted by peoples being proud of successes those are have nothing to do with them.
I am disgusted by a lots of peoples for a lots of things, hence made me hard to be happy.

| What do

| Besides sex

| Example?

| Seeing my sibling flexing on found a horny retard to marry with while being a irresponsible degenerate gold-digging bitch that's has no depth, moral standard, skills what so ever.
There hasn't much to do with me.

| Plus being annoying and loud

| Plz god do not get birth.

| I had a friend who's wasting infinite money and time to follow kool kid treads while being lazy, lack of self-reflection and refused to listens to any advices.
And he always ends up always asks for benefits without considering giving.

| Surrounded by peoples like these made me lose faith of humanity.

| Or it's just my anger problem?

| Being infj is kinda fuck.

| Seeing the nft trends makes me want to jump outside a window

| I am pissed off by a lot of things helps

| have you tried not living in brazil

| I am trying

| >>29744c peoples outside third country are mostly cool right?

| right?

| Sounds like a "you" problem, buddy.

| Why not sex?

| >>792334 sometimes their pretty pretentious but yeah in generally their in nice also have u tried just knowing that those people are eventually going to fail so u should.just focus on making ur life succed?

| Just need to grow up.
1. Understand that people are crap.
2. Understand that you are too
3. Try to become better, get busy with it until you die

| Okay

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This thread is permanently archived