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Why does the ocean exist?

| I hate the ocean.
It just gets in the way and make a mess of the landscape.
You could have such beautiful rolling hills or a nice comfy forest but nope, fuck you, here's a big fuckoff lake.
And to make matters worse, with global warming there's going to be *even more ocean*! We should have been drying the oceans centuries ago! The Dutch had it right all along!
Why are oceans still a thing? Why can't we have nice things?

| So that we can dive in it and see what's on the bottom of it, maybe have sex with it.

| Because comet collisions

| I bet you are an asshole.

| But then the anime movie, Kimi no Na wa, wouldn't exist.

| Deja vu

| What makes you think that they exist?

| And these "oceans", are they in the room with us right now?

| >>792429 70% of the earth's surface? yeah fuckin right

| It exists to fuck your mouth

| God had to pee

| Real hard

| Oceans are amazing, fuck you

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This thread is permanently archived