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Why do mountains exist?

| I hate mountains.
They just get in the way and make a mess of the landscape.
You could have such beautiful rolling hills or a nice comfy forest but nope, fuck you, here's a big fuckoff rock.
And if nature can't erode the mountains away, we should have done it ourselves already!
Why are mountains still a thing? Why can't we have nice things?

| So that we can climb them and see what's on top of them, maybe have sex with them.

| Because tectonic plate collisions

| >>6ea089
>Have sex
rock hard dick right?

| Because the entire surface of the planet is built on top of what essentially amounts to slippery rugs, and sometimes when they smash together too hard one of them rides up and the rock on top of it rides up too.

| >>792183 #&ck you OP. I grew between mountains, I grew playing Skyrim (a lot of mountains) as well, so I love the aesthetic of mountains.

But I agree with you that forests look pretty good.

| >forests vs mountains
1. forests are a lot smaller that shit can just go in front of the mountain
2. even better, get this: the forest can grow ON the mountain

yall g/u/rls off the goop fr no cap

| But then the anime movie, Kimi no Na wa, wouldn't exist.

| I had a dream that was here someone who was complains about ocean, nevermind, time to sleep

| You do know that lands exists because of the elevation difference of mountains right? Without them the planet will be a equally-flooded water ball. No mountains,no plains,no forests except those we see under water.Yep,we all have to live submarine. Mountains are just great, and so are boobs.

| And we are actually living on mountains,compared to those who lives deep in the ocean.

| They existto fuck your mouth

| mountains? you mean those triangles the FBI painted on the celestial sphere? really g/u/rl?

| Yes>>792699

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This thread is permanently archived