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Please roast me, harshly...

| So I broke up with my partner because my depression sucksss. But I'm regretting it a lot and want to message them to try and fix things but its only been a day so please roast me for being stupid af. I'm big dumb and they were really kind so a part of me feels like they deserve better anyway...g/u/rl what do I do? You g/u/rls can make me feel worse too if you don't have advice <3

| Okay but you asked for it.
You're a fockin' cunt and you don't think properly. But I mean it real bad, oi, real talk, you can't think correctly in any fockin wae cunt yo think you can think okayish' with that rotten meat that yuo hav in yor brain?

Plase for the sake of evryone in yor surroundings, get rid of that rot shit called depression, yo neid real help out there cunt. i mein it
But well. What's done is done. Now get up from the ground mate!

| You roasted yourself in your own post.

| I can be pretty ruthless, but the self-sabotage you just performed? Fuckin' ouch. I ain't trying to top that.

| >>791844 Yeah, I know I have a rotten brain...and a rotten body too! I've been in therapy for years and taken meds but my recovery is taking so slow. Doesn't help that I was 6+ months self harm free until tonight. But I'm still trying to work on my mental health

| >>791854 Yeah, I did but what can I say, I'm a glutton for punishment.

| >>791860 Not gonna lie but I definitely shed a tear reading this, keep it up! Self-sabotage is my middle name at this point, haha!

| >>791871 Hey, if you want to sabotage yourself harder, I heard you're single? :^)

| I will fuck you up so hard. So hard. I will fuck you right in your mouth, yes, right in your mouth. I will roast you so hard that I will drink you instead of my usual morning roasted coffee. I will drink you, I will drink you, yes.

| >>791860 this, lol

| >>791885 gb2/yokohama/

| >>791876 if my partner never messages me back then yeah let's do this, fuck me up real good like running me over with car would be a great start!

| >>791885 are those song lyrics? That's the most poetic thing anyone who was trying to sabotage me for life has said to me! Where do I sign up to be coffee grinds?

| >>791893 sounds like a song lyrics, yes. For further instructions about being turned into a coffee roast, please visit https://stopworryingbecomecoffee6969.net

| >>14d392 If the instructions you find on the website are insufficient, please direct your inquiries to [email protected] .

| >>791839 Okay, my turn.
You're so fucked up you fit with people here.
Can't think of anything worse than that.

| I would roast you if I could bother to even address weaklings such yourself. Your kind doesn't deserve to breed

| >>791918
>proceeds to address OP with her post
*I* felt that. Ouch~

| >>791895 I'm not too computer savvy but the link isn't working? Aww, no my chances of becoming coffee grinds and getting drunk are zero Q.Q>>791897 guess it's time to email a g/u/rl! Now where to find a post office....?

| >>791906 Really!? And here i thought I didn't belong anywhere! If that's a roast, that's really nice of you g/u/rl <3

| >>791918 Even though it wasn't addressed to me, it doesn't matter too much since I can't have kids...sadge. At least there won't be any little fuck ups coming from me in this lifetime! But thanks for caring about making the world a better place!

| You suck

| >>791924
Itsa meme ya dip

| Наrder, baby, harder...

| >>792039 Muad'Dhib

| >>792039 is that what the kids are calling it? Maybe I'm too old for this meme Q.Q

| >>791895
Instructions unclear, dick stuck in your mom

| >>18e19f can i give you instructions what you won't like? :p

| >>14d392 wrong mention before xd

| >>791839 You are poopyhead

| You are not hot

| OP here and I think my partner and I are working things out. They forgave me and want to keep things slow but yeah maybe there's hope? Thanks for roasting the hell out of me, g/u/rls! Laughter has definitely helped me get through this ^^/

| >>792148 Instructions? I hope I can get those at the post office so I can finally send that email!

| >>792175 Guess, I need to take more showers and all this time I thought I was more of a bath g/u/rl Q.Q

| >>792322 you're right, I'm just chilling. Can't be hot if you're frozen inside lol

| >>792584 well, I'm glad things are working out well for you OP, keep it up.

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