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The internet is a dangerous place

| I guess.

For the guy with the car papes

I hope this post helps you find us anon. Sending you my hopes in spirit. Fuck /b/

| Car papes? What?

| >>791818 Car popes, obviously

| >>791824 Car Religion

| >>791829 Clerical bicycle

| The internet is a place where you can get a huge long dick shoven in your mouth

| >>791896 I've been on the internet for over two decades and there's a distinct lack of cock and balls inside my sinuses.

| >>791898 well, you can, but it doesn't necessarily mean you WILL

| >>791898 You just need strong painkillers and a pair of scissors.

| The fuck is a car pape?

| >>791970 Didn't you read the previous answers? It's a typo for car popes, that are the clerics in charge of vehicles such as car, bicycles and hoverboards used by church members.

| >>791975
>the previous answers
What the fuck, I thought Yahoo Answers didn't exist anymore
Oh god oh fuck I do notk now how to phone pLEASE HELP

| >>791983 You have issues.

| >>791808 oh no!!! My car papers runned away and i can't find them ;-;
Fucking internet, we must shutdown it and help me to find car papers back.. please sent it on my icq 838394932..

| Answer unclear dick caught in ceiling fan

| >>791970 op here. car pape is car wallpaper. it just looks nice.

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This thread is permanently archived