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Am I the asshole

| My father is not a good father at all. He treated me like a piece of garbage and on top of that, he found himself a new girlfriend with 4 delinquent kids and forced me to move with him into their home. any time something went wrong I was to blame and he never took my side. So naturally I stopped talking to anyone in that home including him. Eventually I moved away and during the time I was away I was in two psych wards and was also diagnosed with schizoid personality disorder

| when I spoke to him recently I told him that I had this disorder and I guess this made him decide to step up and be a father. or so I thought. he messages me stupid memes and motivational pictures but doesnt really support me in any other way. one day at the end of one of our calls me he made a remark about me never saying "I love you" back and I said "I always feel weird about saying stuff like that because I don't." he hung up on me there

| You still speak to him? Impressive.
You should stop that. He's put you enough suffering already, did he not?
Continue receiving mental healthcare however you can and remember you don't owe him a damned thing.
But until you cut ties completely, you won't be able to start healing from what he's done to you properly.

| I dont really care but my other family members are mad at me. It seems like he told them what I said but I don't know what to tell them or him. I didnt say anything mean to him I just told him how I felt. they want me to apologize and restore a relationship that I never even had with him. Should I just pretend to love him? I mean what is that gonna do?

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Don't pretend. There's no point. Honestly I think cutting ties might be the best idea. Separating yourself completely from people like that sounds like it would do you good. Honestly. You don't owe them shit.

| I think your father is trying his best, even though he's pretty bad at it. The least you can do is tolerate him, but you don't have to associate yourself anymore than that.

Might just be my Asian upbringing, but: don't be too honest with him. Entertain his notion that he wants to reconnect with you.

Whether cutting ties entirely is healthy or not, I'd leave that to your mental health professional.

| Forgive but don't forget. Unlike >>791128 I'd say to be honest. To explain that you don't hate him, but that you can't force yourself to love him either. If he doesn't care about your explanation, then don't bother yourself with him more than that. You give him a chance to stop being an asshole, and the rest is his choice.
Not a small decision obviously, but still.

| This reads like a Wattpad story. Sorry I don't believe you.

| tl;dr


| Dude youre still speaking with him? What an angel.
I already beat the shit out my father twice, but we still friends.

Nothing gives more problems to a man than his family or women

| Trust me whem i say youre not an asshole. Youre just reacting to the bad things he did, and thats normal

| When*

| >>791180 lmao VERY true. I sweat I read this exact thing on Wattpad some time ago.

| >>791340 stop sweating please.

| >>791367 *sweats*

| >>791368 [...] Because it excites me

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