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I just came back what did I miss

| I deleted this app somewhere around 2017 - 2018. Finally redownloaded it today and wow I'm surprised this app is still filled with lively users. Also I wonder if the milk I left here is still good to drink

| Milk definetly good enough to drink, I see colors when I drink it tho

| Femboy's milk never expires

| May I interest you in my precious sour milk?

| >>790994 what about some prime aged femboy milk?

| >>791057 do Femboys Milk age like fine wine?

| >>791061 The figma inside the milk jar gets more valuable as time passes, so kind of.

| You missed a great burg war

| >>791097 "Build a better burg cannon" is still on my to-do list.
I know how to, just can't be bothered...

| >>791097 war, war never changes.

| you missed my nuts on your face

| >>deee6d HAH GOTTEM

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This thread is permanently archived