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Any weird behaviours/habits you have?

| I'm talking weird 'quirks' of yours, for instance only wearing socks when you go to sleep, squatting on the toilet or eating certain undesired bits of a meal [the eye of a fish, for instance].

I'll start. A weird habit of mine is to salute the moon. I don't know why, but it feels a little inspiring for me to keep going with whatever I was doing after saluting the moon. Bonus points on a full moon.

| I like to see my hands shine in the reflecting light. I often show them to the light source and watch it reflect back as y hands shine

| I also don't like lying knives to be pointed on me or on other people, so I turn them around

| Every weekend I will take a small metal cup, fill it with vodka, put a dried daisy on top of the vodka and light it.

I will occasionally drink some (unlit) vodka as well during that time and sit there waiting until the cup burns out.

It's a nice little ritual, but I suppose it qualifies for this thread from an outside perspective.

| Dabing, I found out dabing helps me stay awake in lectures when I didn't sleep well last night which always is the case and now it toke complete control of me, help.

| I love sex.

| I feel genuinely uncomfortable if I don't chug a glass of water before going to bed.

I'll listen to ASMR just so that I'm not stuck alone with my tinnitus. I'll also turn off all game sound (if it isn't crucial) and listen to ASMR instead.

| Whenever I'm wearing a hat, I like to tip my hat at anyone and anything (I'm not a neckbeard g/u/rl I swear, m'ladies)
I just like doing it

| I will over animate my reactions to seemingly mundane things in public or during a lecture to satiate my boredom.

my prof will make some mundane point and I will make a face that looks like I'm witnessing the second coming of Christ, this associated with some strange outcry is hilarious to me

"shown here is the matrix in vector form"

| >>790722 Epic

| I usually like to masturbate uncontrollably until my many orgasms puts me in a slumber. And I am really good at it too. I wish I could show someone how well I do it.

| I'm always bouncing my left leg when I sit down.

| I tend to rip apart keyboard keys whenever I get stressed, like not even in a violent way either. If I feel particularly stressed one week, I will pullout 1 of 4 keyboards and begin to pop off each key by hand, one by one. By the time I finished I will usually have 2 baggies full of keys. I like to jiggle these key baggies and hear the nice clicks.

And once I'm done with everything I will begin to pop back in the keys into the keyboards.

| >>790891 I'd say that's a quite expensive habit of yours lmao

| I like to burn a piece of toilet paper after I poop in order to mask the smell. I don't do it often though because it leaves a stain. Instead I tend to burn usually 3 matches, no more or less

| I only sleep naked, it dont matter where i am
One day i had to share a bed with a friend of mine, he was very uncorfotable

| Also i like to burn things whem im stressed. I grab a lot of old things, pile them up in a secluded area then i set it on fire.
I like to see the fire consume things

| When*

| >>3b8253
Fireplaces, campfires, all sorts of things where you watch fire do its thing... so powerfully relaxing. I feel you, g/u/rl, I really do.
I try and stop myself from indulging because of the risk of starting a fire by accident...

| Yo I Jack off

| I always get up from bed standing on my right leg, and usually stand on my left leg while crossing the road

| My head involuntarily jerks to the side like a confused dog when i don't understand something. Like a tic. When i poop i need a small foot stool to put my feetsies on.

| >>790979 old things, forests, houses, corpses, witches...

| >>790900 I don't buy new ones lol, I just reuse the same keyboards over and over, I simply pop the keys back in. ^-^

| >>790763 that could be an iron deficiency. Do you also enjoy eating ice?

| I crack my index finger with my thumb when stressed, or before starting something. Yes, like ken fucking kaneki

| I make animal noises to announce my presence at home. Its a habit I picked up when I was a kid and habitually did it so much that my parents just got used to it. I literally don't do this anywhere else.

| I eat my lips

| I eat her lips too

| >>791563 I eat her ass

| I've gotten the habit of twisting my arm/shoulder joints 'till it pops.

| >>791922 dude youre gonna regret that shit

| I have both tics and OCD, so there's a lot of little things like that I have.
One thing is that if I feel some sort of touch sensation on one side of my hand (or really any body part) I often inflict the same sensation on the other side.
Most things I do when it comes to touch and sometimes even writing is in either 1s, 3s or 5s. This is also a thing when doing stuff like drinking, eating, smoking, whatever really.
1s, 3s and 5s just make things feel more comfy for me.

| >>791394
Same. I was not very happy to find out that the edgiest little shitlord anime character has that as a character quirk. Not fun.

| When I see 2+ numbers that are related to each other (so like book pages or the time on a digital clock) I often do a bunch of math with them so I end up with a 1, 3 or 5 while only using each number once

| >>792092
Are we the same?

| When i copy something, i empty my clipboard by " " (space) "^^

| >>792158 I also do the touch sensation symmetry thing so-- maybe.
I think it's the neurodivergence lmao. Either way I feel seen

| >>792159 same

| >>792176
True, true. That probably explains it. There are some weird ass things that are just universal with neurodivergents. Like how people with ADHD all got that little goblin dance.
It's cool to see someone else relate to this specific thing though. I've tried to explain it to people but they never understand. Now I know I'm not the only one.

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