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What's your job in the leftist commune?

| I'm going to work as a therapist where I can help people work though their unresolved trauma that comes from living in a country that allows people to take self-guided tours of the Capital building. In my spare time I plan to help water the plants in the community garden.

| The waht in the what? OP what are you talking about?

| Wonderful aspirations, we're gonna need your help and care gurl

| I give milkshakes if you catch my drif ;)

| I'd starve. That's what everyone would do in the commune

| >>790141 Based Maoist

| >>790148 based as heck

| >>790030 if is a commune how it would have a CAPITAL building?

| >socialist
>having a job

| Probably a farmer and agricultural researcher. With some part time tinkering and assisting the party with purging dissidents. Someone has to grow the food and take care of it finding more efficient ways to grow them and when the time comes. Pull the weeds out when they show themselves and cause problems.

| >>790169 after some research in /d/ I have come up with the most nutritious food for the commune. Femboy cum. Anyone who disagrees with the choice in rations will be sent to reeducation.

| >>790195 can I have both femboy cum and reeducation?

| >>790195 Yes, I would like to be reeducated with femboy cum please.

| >>790195 this is a post-cum-nihilist propaganda, I've mever seen such research conducted.

| >>790195 I'm incredibly fast at milking these at a rate of 1 gallon per minute. Someone hire me for the femboy farm, please

| doing your mom

i mean uh
Anything involving farming or sewing would be dope.

| >>790592 someone ban ray William Johnson

| Can I be a commissar?

| I'd probably do something related to healthcare. Like a support dog, but a human. Probably some entertainment type stuff on the side.

| Power technician/amogus cock artist

| >>790682
already looking forward to the entire power grid shutting down because this g/u/rl decided to lichtenberg amogus cock into a tree

| Politcal prisoner

| Someone has to sail the boats to smuggle people out, might as well be md

| >>790659 sure! The more commissars the better!

>>790231 >>790734 >>790753
You three will be sent to to the femboy conversion camps for milking imm-

I mean the reeducation camps.

>>790411 please make your way to the femboy farm. Your presence is needed immediately.

| Btw communism causes the opposite of hunger and homelessness. Communism and free markets exist.
Men in the past wore stilettos and skirts until capitalists started exerting pressure on them.
Unfortunately, men went extinct because of capitalism.

| uwu why I would be a member of the elite class of decadent lazy sodomites, but it's ok because it didn't happen in a free market this time so I support it of course

| >>790938 Hey, hey, hold on. Nothing wrong with a little sodomy! Everyone does it!

| >>790952
Real commies hate sodomites because it is an "unproductive vice". Useful idiots choose to ignore this. I for one approve of all of the buttsex you want to give your asshole cancer and incontinence with.

| My top choice would be some kind of organizational/planning job a few days a week and working on a trade on the other days, though I don't have anything more specific (unless there are is a need for more of >>bfa61a 's femboys)

>>791114 what makes them more real than those who aren't as conservative?

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