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Back into the grind

| I went straight from living the neet life to a 9 and a half hour workday for five days a week. I could use some headpats and maybe a hug or two.

Time to have breakfast and get ready for the day~ I wish y'all have a good one too.

| >I could use some headpats
Me too, g/u/rl, me too.
Going to be doing twelve hours today, heavens willing. Day hasn't even started and I'm already itching for the pats~

| >>789699
I'm impressed. 12 hour work days can't be an easy feat. *pats*

Today is a slow day where I am since they're doing maintenance. I'm very thankful for this small break.

| >>789724
Thank you, I hope your day goes well. *pats*

I've done this to myself - I haven't been feeling well for... roughly the past month, and now there's a *lot* of stuff that needs my attention and needs it urgently.
I'm still not really up for it – I'm almost paralyzed by anxiety – but I will be doing my best. ^^
Almost finished one important email I've been putting off for much too long, yay...

| So far so good. The morale among my work mates is really bad though. No one wants to work here and the pay is apparently kinda low. I get the feeling everyone is so nice to me because they're training their replacement lol.

| >>789731
I hope you have a good day today too. That 12 hour shift is nothing to joke about.

I'm glad I can meet you (and others like you) here on danger/u/ because it makes those hard days feel much lighter.

| >>789804
Mhm! The feeling of sharing a load - even though we're thousands of miles apart and not even doing the same thing - makes carrying it forward easier.

I'm tired out, but did manage my shift somehow.
Now to do the same tomorrow!

| >>789831
>Mhm! The feeling of sharing a load

At least tomorrow is a friday! After workday I'm gonna drink beer, play online shooters and pet my cat. I'm already looking forward to it.

| Grindset smegma

| I started school again recently. It's actually a little easier than I expected, except now I need to wake up at 7 every day...

| >>789833
I'll share that kind of load with you too. <3

Shifting your sleep habits around can be really hard, even if the classes that follow aren't. Do your best, g/u/rl!

| I don't know but, something about the "grind" is kind of comforting compared to neetdom. With being a neet you grow bored and anxious with nothing to do and so you fill your life with distractions. Something about work even if it is hard does provide some meaning and purpose. Though maybe I just have a somewhat chill boss who isn't super anal and can kind of just do my work and as long as I get it done with no problems I am left relatively alone.

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