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I have witnessed the craziest thing I've ever seen in my life

| You're probably not gonna believe me g/u/rls, it's real crazy.
Maybe even it's something that will startle your minds
Wait a sec, I gotta go to do something real quick and I'll be right back with the story

| stop edging us fuckboy op

| at this point the craziest thing in my life will be op actually writing a fucking story

| I jerked off while smoking weed it feels great.

| I wish my dad was Matthew McConaughey

| >>789661
I saw. It looked like a frightened turtle in a fur coat. It was crazy!

| Well? We're waiting

| Did you do your cousin?

| >>789711
haha yeah except I'm shaving and I am a g/u/rl.

| >>789781
Is it really called jacking off if it's a g/u/rl? I think jill off is a better term for that.

| >>789783
>jill off
Never heard or seen that made up verb. You just came with it? Also who cares? Masturbating is masturbating.

| >>789786
Nah, I didn't invent it. I think it's a play on the Jack and Jill story and it also fits with danger/u/ because of the protagonist's name.

I like it. Both the name and the practice lol

| >>789787 Have sex.

| >>789787 But most importantly, have fun.

| >>789798
Already having it

Thanks. I will. ♥️

| I have fucked OP in their mouth. My enormous cock was the craziest thing they've witnessed in their life.

| krazy

| >>789999
Me too please

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This thread is permanently archived