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How do I unbake a cake?

| I have baked a cheesecake today.
It turns out my mom wanted to use the cheese for something different altogether, and it will annoy her to have to go to the store to buy more cheese.
She is coming home in two hours. I would like to unbake my cheesecake in order to save her the trip. How do I unbake the cake?
I would have tried the "freeze at -350 Fahrehneit for as long as you baked it" solution but I do not have access to a freezer this powerful.
Please reply urgently.

| time machine

| Shrink to subatomic size and get to rearranging

| Figure out how the time you baked it for is stored, then keep baking it until that time wraps around

| Buy more cheese yourself fancypants

| Hire me, I'm a magician I can make these things happen. But I'm expensive, $666/min is my price. No negotiations.

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This thread is permanently archived