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are you in love

| are you?

| I'm forcing myself not to be because the person I'm in love with is ignoring me.

| Nope

| Unfortunately

| Yep :|

| Fortunately, no

| I love sex.

| Not right now

| It has been a decade since the last time I was.

| I love sex

| Unfortunately, no

| What is love?

| Yes but she loves someone else. The ride never ends

| >>788981 We are going to make it, sister. *hugs*


| Hate it

| Not right now

| >>789016
No, you do. And that is exactly why it hurts.

| >>789016
Haha, hey

| >>e2683d
So... you're single?
Hmu, I'm a pro at rebounds.

| Nope, and I honestly couldn't be happier that I'm not. I'm so happy just being by myself and developing. Things will come when the time is right.

Right now it is not the time.

| FUCK YE..... no :(

| Yes, i guess. For years and cant get rid of it

| >>789071
IM SINGLE AND I WANT TO DIE (no i actually dont)

| No and I never will be, feels good to have grown up.

| >>789167
Narrator: But he really hadn't. He was stuck in a perpetual state of adolescence, you know, arrested development.

| I only fell in love once, was ectasy and all but, the thing fuck your rationality up, and now years in the future I saw that girl again, felt nothing but disappointment for what she become, I wonder if I kept myself a part of her life I could've helped her become something better maybe.

| I'm aromantic.

| >>789182
Give me a break. You're an unemployed Brazilian mythomaniac with diabetes. You can't even

| Never been.

| >>789233 Wtf? Who the heck? From where you took that from?

| >>789219
So you smell nice?

| >>789338
I am citrus personified.

| >>789332
It's just an attention seeker. Don't worry about it.

| >>789368
This is projection, right? It has to be. There's nothing about that post that screams "give me attention".

| >>789398
Once you've wasted enough of your life on anonymous boards, you develop an innate sense of stylometry. And >>baaba8 sure as hell feels like the Brazilian who shits out 20 post long attention seeking tirades.
Do I mind? Not really, but I'll back >>6ec537 on her findings.

| >>789400
>>155448 here. You are absolutely right. My bad.

| >>789400 Errr... ok, I guess, weird, but ok.

| >>789400
Speaking of stylometry, y'all have noticed the 1-2 negative bait comments that popped up in every single thread around the exact same time that seem eerily similar and whenever there's 2 comments the second one is an obvious samefag that backs up the first one?
I think you g/u/rls get my point.

| >>789425
Yeah, I've noticed there's some guy who tend to type negative 3-4 word comments in several threads in a row, usually at off-peak hours, and people never respond to him yet he's been doing it for months anyway.

I dunno what his deal is but he seems lonely.

| >>789431
Yup. I think he does it because it works 1/20 times or something.
Seems to be lacking some love in his life.

| >>789425

| feel like i should answer my question. yeah im in "love" too but i broke up with her cause obviously it isn't gonna work out so im shit outta luck and i have zero idea what to do. i miss her tho!

| Still in love with them, even though cancer took them away.

| >>789471
Just go through all the threads on /u/ and you'll find super short, very similar replies posted around the same time. Probably a bit harder to spot rn since people have just ignored them and continued on, but it's really easy to spot when suddenly all the threads in your thread watcher has 1-2 replies and they're all that. So either go through some threads or look out for next time it happens.

| >>789471 I would send you examples but I don't want to give them any attention. Usually when they start getting replies they get more active and we need to beat them off with a stick. Luckily our current troll doesn't put in much effort so nobody has bitten lately ^^

| It's low-peak hour and he's currently doing another streak of low-level shitposting that no one's responding to. He has obviously been mentally understimulated for a long time. Poor guy.

| Yep. <3

| Yep, distance prevents us from having any real chance.

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