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How to talk to people

| Help

| With mouth, or fingers if it's online

| Just don't. Works for me.

| Have sex with them and speak through the body.

| Just say the n word and watch them do all the talking


| Here's a trick that's never failed to not work for me.
Step 1) Walk up to a person.
Step 2) Ask them what their favourite nut is.
Step 3) Answer "oh yeah, mine too" and then offer to nut inside them.
Good luck!

| Get to the person you wish to talk to and press A, sometimes it's X, but mostly A.

| Don't

| Just talk to then in your head. Works with me all the time. You can do whatever you want

| >>789088 I do that as well, I have a friend called Tyler Durden, we were talking about creating a club of sorts eventually.

| step 1 > do not
step 2 > cry

| >>789104
Step 3 > repeat

| Just dry hump them. They'll automatically start talking to you.

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This thread is permanently archived