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I have a question for you g/u/rls

| How do you feel about saying "I love you" to your friends?
For me and my friends it's completely normal and we do it all the time after calls and when going home irl and when going to bed and whenever we feel like it.
But I also know that some people find that weird. I've talked to people who only say that for flirting or for their partner and sometimes think saying that means you're hitting on them and stuff like that.

How is that for you and your circles and stuff? I'm curious.

| Only with really super uber duper close friends, buddies, chums, pals, home slices, bread slices pizza slices, comrades, allies, partners (not in the relationship kinda way)

| No way. It would make our no-homo sex pretty fucking awkward if we started saying I love you to eachother.

| Do you love your friends? Then tell your friends that you love them. If you're close enough – more than natural that you do.
...still, I have been forced to note that a certain portion of people find the word "love" to be one-dimensional and that dimension to be of sex and fucking, which is. Excellent.

| This is not really accepted where I'm from as saying "I love you" ALWAYS carries certain connotations. Between women it CAN be fine if you're really-really-REALLY close, man to woman or vice versa will always be seen as advances, and if a man says something like that to another man it basically equates to social suicide.

| I have no issue telling a friend I love them... If I truly do. I only have two friends that I care about so much as to say so. I'd just be lying if I said so to any other friends.

| Very normal with most of my close friends, and very healing I feel like. It's just nice to hear and say, y'know?
Bit awkward with one friend since we used to have mutual crushes on each other, but with the others it's nbd

| >>788408
Healing is a really nice way to put it! I like that! It's super true.

| I frequently tell my friends that I love and adore the. After all, they're fantastic people, who deserve some positive reinforcement. I'm far quicker in telling my friends how much I adore them than I am to tell my romantic interests that I Love them.

| Yeah, I tell most of my friends I love them, because I do, and I caree about them, and I'm super fucking awkward so the only way of me showing that love is by telling them so yeah...
Also remember to kiss the homies before sleep!!!!!!!

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