I came into the office today and someone installed Gentoo on my work PC

| I filed a ticket with IT lately complaining of slow performance (some important spreadsheets took upwards of several minutes to open!).

They gave me a spare laptop to work with for the time being and now when I came in I am now running Linux and I have no idea what to be doing.

Upon asking the nearest IT person, they just said "it's Gentoo" and I should learn how to use it like it's something normal.
I'm doing my best but it's really inconvenient. Does anyone know how to use it?

| Well someone already set all the flags correctly during installation so the hard part is over.

| >>788105 Install like GNOME or something, and LibreOffice tools. Don't be afraid of the command line

| >>788131 Holy shit, actual windows. Yeah, this works out. I should be able to find my way from here.

| I came into the office.

| The office moaned.

| Which came first, op or the office?

| >>373089 The new GNOME 40 is quite good.

| Yoy got gnomed.

| Gnome is okay, but LXDE is faster and more like Windows.

| Also, the IT department probably got annoyed at you. If you learn how to use Gentoo, and actually like it (spoiler: you probably will come to prefer it over windows), you'll become one of the most productive and valued people on the floor! Don't forget to update the kernel every once in a while!

You won't get any viruses, and you usually don't have to restart to install updates.
Oh yeah, and custom widgets on the desktop are a thing in Linux. Check out `conky`

| I'd recommend using Firefox, and installing uBlock Origin.
If you need to run a windows program, install wine. I recommend installing the `winetricks` package.

| I'd recommend to use IceCat browser.

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