What's the worst thing you've ever done to someone else?

| I'll start, my best friend was having an affair with his step father when he was just 15 and I leaked that information to his mother because it was disgusting and his step father was a pedophile. I just wanted him to be safe and away from the nonce but it ended up with his mother kicking him out...

| Been part of their life. :^)


| I pumped and dumped my gf when I was like 16.

| >>788085 Depressing. I cried.

| Probably accidentally hit them or something.

| Well, I guess I also sort of encouraged a friend of mine when it came to gambling, and now he gambles a fuck ton.
But, a lot of that gambling is irl poker, and he's a fucking beast at that and pulls in good money weekly. He also cashes in from online casinos a lot as well and buys designer shades and shit, so unless his luck fades, I did him a solid.

| >>788160 You know thst poker isn't about luck, right?

| >>788161
Poker is skilled based, which is why he keeps cashing in on it, but then he uses a fair bit of that money on online roulette. So, if his luck fades, then his skill doesn't really matter.

| I used to get girls pregnant for fun and disappear.
if my account is correct, i must have about 12 children around this world. these are the ones I know were born, now if I count the ones I don't know if they were born or aborted, this number goes up to around 30, easy.

| When i was younger shit wasnt different. I stolen money from my mother to use drugs.. And with my girlfriend I accused my father of having harassed her just so that my mother would kick him out and I could get rid of him.

| I was having second thoughts of dumping my gf today because shes annoying as fuck and a gold digger.
But this post makes me remember how i did a lot of shit that aint compared to this so fuck it.
I used to think that i was a good person cause i like to help homeless people and stray animals but no i realize in fact i just do this to fullfil my own ego and to look admirable to the world around me, while in fact i fuck the life of everyone who makes the mistake of getting close to me

| Now if you excuse me, i have work to do.

| >>33bc3f >He got 12 more girls pregnant that night.

| >>33bc3f This is not a fantasy writing post buddy lmao

| >>1db478

look dude if you don't believe or think it's bullshit, I honestly don't care. the problem with this place is that people only take you seriously if you claim to be a lonely otaku nerd. Seriously man, I'll tell you something. It's not because I have an active sex life, or that I have a life that's completely different from your life that I'm a liar.

| >>788227

| "ah you're on an anonymous forum based on a cyberpunk game, you must be a liar" seriously dude? Are you literally so dumb to think everyone here must be a recluse just like you? damn. I've seen police, people who eat poop in this place. it's not because someone lives a life totally different from yours that's a lie.

| I saw a guy here open up about the shit he's been through in his life. and moments later I saw him regret having shared his experiences and being ridiculed for thinking they were lies. when he said he was sorry I didn't take it seriously, but I understand what he says now.

| sorry if what i'm saying sounds silly but i'm using google translator. I know some English but I don't think I know enough to express what I wanted to say.

| My father actually was the only person who trusted me and i betrayed him for some pussy and money
Nowadays hes dying and i feel that i never should be born.

| the ironic thing is that the only place I can freely talk about everything I've done is here. where everyone thinks I'm a liar. if I say these things to my best friend I will lose him. But it's like that, we harvest what we plant, right

| >>33bc3f
Ay, chill homie. Don't let one singular person tilt you that hard.
You're a piece of shit and you admit to it. Not an unbelievable thing. Plenty of bad people in the world, so some are bound to be on this board.
But let's not fill up this poor g/u/rls thread with that, ay?

| >>788252 good said g/u/rl

| Well said*

| Trusted them

| No one that has sex feel the need to defend themselves this hard on anon forum like >>33bc3f

Nice fanfic, though. Please post more.

| >>33bc3f I'm sorry but I'm finding it difficult to believe you as well. The whole "I used to get girls pregnant for fun" did it for me.

| Yeah, it's obvious fan fic which isn't uncommon on sites like these. But out of all the topics to write a story about this has to be the lamest.

| People come to a thread expecting to share regretful decisions they've made, but then in comes Austin "No-Condom" Powers with... that. Really doesn't matter if it's true or made-up: Dude needs to rethink his life either way.

| Oh, and I was molested as a kid, then in early elementary school I molested my best friend in the same mimicking fashion. I was too young to remotely understand at the time, but... Yeah, that's the worst thing I ever did to someone.

| It's not even the problem that he shared his stuff. But more like he makes a complete fuss if someone doesnt believe him. Who cares? Can we go on?

| Mad lad

| >>788381 I was molested as well by my uncle. No one knows in my life as I've never shared it as I fear it'll cause my mum and aunt to fall apart. I could never do this to others though. Not judging though since you were still a kid.

| Bullying student at school, i still feels like shit for it today.

| I commited DN felony

| I stole sand from the beach on accident with my shoes.

| >>788642 You absolute degenerate. I will see you hanged for this if it kills me.

| I wished someone to break their arm to stop visiting us so often. Weeks later, they actually end up breaking it. She was a nice lady :(
Also no, she didn't stop visiting us.

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